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January 07, 2009

Happy New You! in 2009

A week ago, I hope you celebrated the first day of 2009. But now, 7 days later, I encourage you to celebrate again by wishing you a ...

Happy New You!

Yes, you read that right. It's my way of reminding you that it's a new year and a fresh opportunity to create the life you are meant to live.

I'm pretty psyched about what the new year holds in store. Despite what the headlines proclaimed about the global economy, I had a wonderful 2008, with so many great experiences. I'm so grateful.

2009 holds the potential to be even more -- for you and me. I encourage you to break through the recession mentality of last year, step forward, and shine more of your light on the world.

That's really what living an authentic life is all about.

You have musical gifts and talents to share. Don't hide them. Don't play small. Don't deny people a chance to enjoy your music and enrich their lives because of it.

Are you serious about your music, and do you desire to pursue it as more than just a part-time hobby? Then you have an obligation to develop your craft and serve others (meaning your fans and supporters) with your talents.

So commit to making 2009 the year of your musical comeback tour -- even if you're just starting out.

Try this quick exercise:

Close your eyes and project yourself (mentally, of course) 12 months into the future. Imagine it's New Year's Eve at the end of this current year. Really do this.

Now look back on the past 12 months of 2009. See how far you've come with your music. Think about all the new songs you've written and recorded, the growing number of fans you now have, and the impact you are having on their lives.

Now come back to the present day. Then get busy making that future vision a reality.

It can happen. It should happen. And it will happen. You deserve it!

But it won't happen without effort on your part. You have to take action to make your ideal life a reality. You have to interact with the world and keep your eyes open for new opportunities that arise as a result.

Are you ready? Will this be your year? I think so.

Like I said at the beginning ...

Happy New You!


P.S. My third and final "New Year's Prosperity Plan" workshop comes to St. Louis, MO, this Saturday, Jan. 10. Get details here.

Will you attend the Noorderslag conference in the Netherlands next week? If so, look for me. I'll speak there next Thursday afternoon on Internet music marketing.

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At Jan 8, 2009 8:43:00 PM, Blogger micah said...

I decided to undertake a set of amazingly ambitious New Year's Resolutions...

My idea was that most little resolutions get forgotten soon - but if we shot for big, exciting things, maybe we'd be inspired and excited enough to go out and achieve them.

So this year, I decided to put together the BIG things I wanted to do. A small group of us got together, and we wrote down all our craziest ideas.

To help us do it, we even set up a group blog. The full list of ambitious resolutions is here:
The Resolution Begins

The great thing about these resolutions is that anyone is welcome to help us complete one, add one to the list, or take on a huge challenge themselves. People are adding new resolutions every day.

I've set out to become a master of Kabbalah, my brother-in-law is documenting his attempt to get into Yale, and one person has started recording her efforts to have "52 memorable Tuesdays".


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