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"How to Use Video
to Promote Your
Music Online"

No doubt about it. Video is huge on the Internet. Over the past six months alone, video has exploded online. Did you know that YouTube alone now delivers about 100 million videos a day to its users? And much of it is music.

Are you making the most of this new online music promotion opportunity?

How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online

Have you seen the treadmill video from Ok Go? It was a simple but creative concept that spread like crazy online and primed music fans for the band's debut CD release.

Or how about the regular video clips published by indie artist Terra Naomi? During a two-month period in 2006, webcam music videos she produced in her apartment were viewed 2.5 million times on YouTube. Because of this exposure, Terra sold 2,000 copies of her new CD in eight days.

Don't kid yourself, online music video promotion is hot ... and GETTING HOTTER!

To help you create, promote and profit from online video, I just published a jam-packed, 22-page special report called "How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online."

Make Your Own DIY Videos in No Time!

How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online "There's never been a better time for indie artists to use video to market their music, and Bob's guide has tons of great information to help get you started. You'll be out there making your own DIY videos in no time!" -Dave Cool, Director, What is INDIE?

How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online "Bob's new report is a must-read primer for anyone who wants to dive into the world of social network sites like YouTube, MySpace, Revver, and more. Timely and practical advice for anyone promoting music online."
-Jay Moonah, podcaster, blogger and musician for Uncle Seth

Here's just some of what you'll find in this one-of-a-kind report:

  • 9 ways to produce music videos on a shoestring budget

  • Why the surge in online video is like the birth of MTV -- only better, because now everyone has equal access to the "airwaves"

  • 4 places to find indie film directors who will produce your music videos for free

  • How to get fans to create your music videos for you

  • 14 Music Video Themes you can use to create clips your fans will love (many of these will surprise you)

  • Where to find free, low-cost and more-cost video editing software options

  • 7 ways to get more marketing mileage from your online videos

  • Artist Profile: In an exclusive interview, Terra Naomi explains what led to 2.5 million video plays on YouTube and 2,000 CD sales

  • 28 places to host and stream your videos online for free

Get Years of Video Knowledge in One Hour!

How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online "Ideas and resources that took me years to discover will take any budding video-maker under an hour to learn. Get this report and start using it to promote your music online today!" -Lee Mueller, independent filmmaker, 100th Monkey Productions

How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online "Nobody knows music marketing like Bob. Now his new e-report tackles the exciting and powerful technology of video head on!"
-Scott Ginsberg, speaker and author of How to Be That Guy: 47 Ways to Create an Unforgettable Brand That Magnetizes More Business