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From: Bob Baker
Tuesday, 3:27 PM

Dear independent artist,

I know the pain and frustration of financial hardship first-hand.

When I was a kid, my mom -- who did the best she could raising me by herself -- earned just enough for us to get by.

When I played music full-time in my 20s, it was a struggle. I had a great time and learned my chops, but I always wondered where my next rent payment would come from.

In my 30s, when I published a local music magazine (in St. Louis, MO), I learned and grew tremendously. But paying the business bills was a struggle, and there was rarely much left over to pay myself.

And just 10 short years ago, when I went through a divorce and was racked with debt, it was the most depressing low point of my adult life.

But then something happened

I realized that I could easily become a victim of this decades-old pattern ... and spend the rest of my life just eeking out a living. I could throw in the towel and accept that a life of lack was my fate.

Or ... I could say to hell with that idea and get busy creating the life, work and income I deserved!

Thankfully, I chose option #2. And life has gotten better and better ever since.

It took me a few years to pull off the turn-around, but I got there. I now make a great living doing what I love -- inspiring and empowering independent artists all around the world.

In 2007 I bought a nice home in the St. Louis suburbs. I never worry about how the mortgage or car payment bill will get paid. I'm able to travel a lot and set aside extra money for savings and investment. Plus, I have a wonderful girlfriend and a beautiful daughter.

Life is good. But it took a big change in mindset and a commitment to a few smart actions to get here.

Here's my best financial advice for you ...

If you're living a life of lack ... if you're frustrated by debt ... if you're worried about all the gloomy financial reports in the media ... if you're being hounded by bill collectors ... or if you're simply confused and uptight about how to earn more money with your music ...

Just Stop It!

That's right, stop it. You're only a victim of circumstances if you choose to be. So get mad as hell and take back your power!

Do you complain about the lousy paying gigs in your city?

Stop It!

Do you talk and think about the sad "starving musician" state that you're in?

Stop doing that!

Do you feel frustrated and alone and fearful that you'll never be able to live your dream?

STOP IT! And stop it NOW!

Or maybe this is your situation ...

You're gigging or running your own small music business. You make a few dollars and are doing okay, but you know there's gotta be more.

Maybe you play music part-time and want to make the leap to full time some day (sooner rather than later).

Maybe you're already a full-time musician, but -- like I did years ago -- you're just getting by ... or you want to rise up to the next level.

You know in your heart there's a bigger game you could be playing, but it always seems to escape you.

If any of this describes you,
here are the answers you need

A few months ago I got a call from Nick Nanton. He's known as "the celebrity lawyer." Nick wanted to interview me by phone, record it, and share what we talked about with his clients.

We decided to make the entire call about one topic that has confused musicians for decades: making money.

Well, the call was supposed to last about 30 or 40 minutes. But once we got started, sparks started flying. Something I said would inspire Nick to share his money-making advice. His comments would remind me of yet another revenue-producing idea.

He held nothing back. We didn't censor ourselves. We let it fly with dozens of stories, personal examples, and every solid piece of income-generating advice we could muster.

It went on like this for a good hour and 15 minutes. When the call was finally over, we knew something pretty remarkable had just taken place. We realized that all the tactics and techniques we had covered needed to be shared beyond Nick's circle of high-profile clients.

That's when we decided to release ...

"7 Secrets to Making Real Money with Your Music"

Here's what you get with this brand-new money-making resource

 Two CDs that feature the full 75-minute interview during which Nick and I spill our guts about all the ways that successful musicians generate income. Listen to them over and over again to fully ingrain these strategies.

 A 43-page transcript of the interview, so you can also read our words and jot down extra ideas in a special Notes column. Let these ideas be absorbed by both your ears and your eyes, making the learning more permanent.

 11 pages of worksheets that detail the "7 Secrets" and help you formulate your own plan to put them into action. This is where you make these eye-opening ideas come alive for YOU!

 A 17-minute bonus audio that takes you by the hand and walks you through the "7 Secrets" worksheets -- it's one of the most valuable segments of the entire package.

 An 11-minute bonus audio on which I share "12 More Money-Making Music Secrets." This recording distills and clarifies our best money-making tips for musicians.

 Access to a 10-part online e-course version of the entire "7 Secrets to Making Real Money with Your Music" package. Access it anytime from anywhere!

"Bob Baker and Nick Nanton are a powerful team, presenting insights and ideas that will revolutionize the way you think about your music career and how you make money from it. Take this one course, work through it, and your career -- and your profits -- will take off!" -Marc Rosen, Sweet Thunder Jazztet, Tucson, AZ

Who Is Nick Nanton?

Nick is known as "The Celebrity Lawyer" because of the work he does with many high-profile clients, as well as independent record labels and artists, across the country. He's been named "Best of the Bar" and referred to as one of "Orlando's Top 10 Young and Powerful."

Prior to becoming an entertainment attorney, Nick spent more than a decade as an award-winning songwriter and television producer. Because of this, Nick brings a unique level of expertise to the music industry.

Nick has represented both artists and record labels at the negotiating table, from large scale events to reality television shows. He's worked with celebrities such as Bill Cosby; Rock n Roll Hall of Fame drummer, songwriter and record producer Stan Lynch; five-time Grammy Award winning songwriter and producer Brent Maher; former Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula; and sports journalist Roy Firestone, to name just a few.

Nick has been featured in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, The Arizona Republic, and The Dallas Morning News, among others.

What Nick's Celebrity Clients Say About Him:

"Nick Nanton combines the perfect mixture of experience in entertainment and business to make deals happen. He also brings great insight into the marketing and positioning that an artist needs to take their career to the next level. Nick is one of the players that I always like having on my team." -Billy Chapin, Multi-Platinum Songwriter and Producer (Edwin McCain, O-Town, Backstreet Boys, Avalon), Chapin Music Group

"Nick Nanton is exactly what you need to be in the music business today. He's a pro who's versatile, with great energy. He's always got his eyes open to the ever changing landscape of the game, he does his homework and keeps his ear to the ground. Nick is going to build a cartel from scratch."
-Stan Lynch, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, #1 Hit Songwriter and Drummer for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Who Is Bob Baker?

In case you don't know who I am, here's part of my bio on the site, where I developed and teach my Music Marketing 101 course:

Bob Baker is a widely hailed music marketing expert, as well as an author, indie musician, and former music magazine editor. He dedicates his career to showing musicians of all kinds how to get exposure, connect with fans, sell more music, and increase their incomes.

He is the author of Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, a book that has become the "Bible" of music marketing -- so much so that it made a cameo appearance in the major motion picture The School of Rock, starring Jack Black. He other books include MySpace Music Marketing, Unleash the Artist Within, and Branding Yourself Online.

For 10 years he published Spotlight, the Midwest music magazine he founded in 1987. For five years, Bob served as director of the St. Louis Regional Music Showcase, an annual music conference he started in 1993.

He's been featured on NPR and in magazines such as Music Connection, VIBE, American Songwriter, Canadian Musician, and Electronic Musician, among others. Bob is also a frequent speaker and panelist at music conferences, including SXSW, the TAXI Road Rally, the Nashville New Music Conference, and the East Coast Music Awards in Canada.

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