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December 09, 2008

14 Incredibly Useful Music Links: Listen to This Blog Post

Here's a special audio version of my long-running Buzz Factor ezine. Click the play button as I talk about the various links below. You can also download the MP3 of this audio using this link.'s great tutorial on producing online video. Covers pre-production and planning, shooting video, recording audio, lighting, editing techniques, and more.

Also see and

The Hype Machine follows music blog discussions. Great site to discover the most prominent music blogs. is an awesome blog from my friend Carla Hall. Check out the Reading Room and these posts:
A Hustler's Guide to Gig Promotion
How to Leave Your Day Gig
Motown's Secrets of Success - DIY Style

iGoogle dashboard article by Christopher Penn

Google's new Friend Connect - turn your site into a social networking center. Watch the Google Friend Connect video

New on Artist Empowerment Radio Podcast:

Jana Stanfield on Getting Paid What You're Worth

Wedding Gigs and Lucrative Niche Markets for Musicians

Bob's New Year's Prosperity Plan workshop coming to San Francisco, Los Angeles, and St. Louis, MO.

33 Social Media Music Sites - includes iLike, PureVolume,, iMeem, ProjectPlaylist, and more.

NPR article on Dallas Green: Boosting Music Sales, one blog and MP3 file at a time

The Slow Build Approach to Book Marketing - for writers, authors and independent book publishers

Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook

Killer Music Web Site Design

Ask Bob Music Marketing Teleclass - Nov 2008

70 Ways to Promote and Sell Your Music on the Internet

Killer Music Press Kits

Crash Course packages on Music Marketing, Music Publicity, and Internet Promotion

3rd annual Holiday Video from Bob, Pooki and Kelli. Embarrassing? You decide. (Watch the high quality version, if you can - look for the link under the screen.)

The much-loved 2007 Jingle Bell Rock video

The 2006 family holiday video that started it all. (Look how young Kelli looks there.)

Thanks for listening and clicking.

I hope your holiday season is filled with joy, laughter and love.


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At Dec 9, 2008 11:09:00 PM, Anonymous BP said...

Bob I loved it.You should make all of the Buzz in audio
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