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You know you want media exposure for your music. You know you deserve it. But how do you go about getting it? And how do you get around all the closed doors and obstacles that seem to confront you at every turn?

The answer: By learning the fundamentals of music publicity ... AND by squeezing all you can out of the Internet.

I recently did an interview with Joan Stewart, widely known as the "publicity hound." She got me on the phone and picked my brain for 70 minutes, while adding a ton of her own considerable wisdom on the topic of gaining media attention.

Now I'd like to give you access to this entire recording, along with a full transcript of our conversation.

Here's just some of what Joan and I covered during our lengthy discussion:

  • The very first thing that do-it-yourself musicians should know about the PR industry ... this tip alone will keep you from getting frustrated

  • The kinds of bands, singers and songwriters I wrote articles about when I published a music magazine -- most of them weren't famous and you don't have to be either!

  • Why journalists will expect you to have an electronic press kit (EPK), and how to create one for next to nothing

  • The biggest changes that have taken place with online music PR

  • The five elements of a great press kit -- journalists will expect you to have these before they write about you

  • The information you MUST have on your home page -- sadly, most people don't include this, and if journalists can't find it, they'll leave and interview someone else

  • 5 tips on how to write a killer artist bio

  • What do to if you can't write your own PR materials (and two places where you can easily find someone who can)

  • 4 tips for writing press releases that won't end up in the trash can

  • Why you should post news about yourself on the Internet even if you only play locally

  • 4 web sites where you can post your press releases for free so journalists anywhere can find you

  • A service that will take your press release and send it to several hundred targeted sources for about $60

  • A web site where you can find radio stations within specific regions -- this will come in handy if you're touring and want publicity in cities where you have gigs

  • The most important element on your news release -- and 6 tips that will help you do it right

  • Why you need a great news release headline -- and how to write one

  • A special PR trick you can learn from Cosmopolitan magazine

  • The biggest mistake musicians make when trying to get publicity

  • How to use the "problem/solution" formula to get media coverage

  • The one thing most musicians never think about when promoting themselves or their band -- if you remember this, it might land you a story

  • 4 things that motivate media people -- knowing this will help you give them the kinds of stories their audiences need and will put you miles ahead of your competition

  • The one question you should always answer before seeking any publicity

  • 2 questions you should ask yourself before contacting any media source

  • Why you should NEVER apologize for being an indie musician, and why it can often work in your favor

  • Witty, creative angles that bands have used to generate publicity and how to find your unique angle

  • 7 tips for sending news releases by e-mail

  • How to show journalists that you know how to play the game and not waste their time

  • 5 things you can do to form valuable relationships with journalists so they keep coming back to you again and again

  • An easy way to "customize" each news release or media pitch for different media outlets so they think it was written especially for them, without spending a lot of time doing it

  • 2 more web sites where you can spread the word about your band -- for FREE!

  • 3 more web sites that are great resources for specific genres of music

  • How I got great publicity by being controversial, and how you can use this same technique

  • 3 more ways to pinpoint exactly what's newsworthy about you and your music

  • A fabulous way to get onto drive-time commercial radio shows -- any half-decent musician can do this

  • What to do if the local music critic refuses to write about your new CD

  • Joan's Number One tip for getting onto your local TV news -- timing is everything so you have to know when the TV folks are hungriest for good stories

  • Where to start -- my best advice on how to start a publicity campaign

Bonus: You'll also get immediate access to a 20-page PDF file containing a word-for-word transcript of the entire interview.

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