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December 11, 2008

Don't Read This Blog Post! And I Mean It!

Stop Reading This!

Really. Just close up this page and walk away from your computer.


Because ... haven't you heard the news? The major media institutions are crumbling because of you.

The Tribune company filed for bankruptcy. Daily newspapers, network television companies, even the almighty Clear Channel is struggling.

And it's all your fault!

Okay, the sluggish economy is causing advertisers to cut back. That's one factor. But there's a bigger reason for this collapse. And it isn't because nobody reads anymore.

The truth: Consumers like you are now getting your news and entertainment online.

That's right. Instead of relying on network TV and cable, you're now watching more stuff on YouTube or downloading it to your iPod or cell phone.

The places you used to get your news (radio, TV, and newspapers) are now being abandoned in favor of a crazy array of new information sources: blogs, podcasts, Twitter feeds, Google News alerts, and more.

Heck, PC Magazine just killed off its print edition and is going to a strictly online format.

So, to stop the madness, the solution is simple ...

Just stop getting informed through all these newfangled channels and go back to what worked in the past -- traditional media sources.


Or is there another way to look at this? Hmm ...

OK. Joke's over. Pardon my December Fool's prank. But there's a point here:

You need to embrace these changes!

What does that mean? It means you should ...

STOP being obsessed with getting traditional media exposure. If you can get it, great. But make radio, TV, magazines, and daily newspapers just part of your overall strategy.

START getting comfortable with your own place in the online world. Get over the "I don't have time to blog" mentality or the "Twitter is stupid" attitude.

STOP spewing out the "Marketing is expensive" scapegoat. It's not -- IF you embrace the new social media. It takes time and effort, yes. But money, no.

START sharing yourself online and having fun with your marketing and sales activities. Make it part of the creative process, not a sad chore that is required.

So, should you really stop reading this blog? No. Please come back and continue to get ideas and inspiration here.

But if you're ready to get busy and create your own online content for your fans to consume ... By all means, stop reading and go DO IT!


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At Dec 12, 2008 3:36:00 AM, Blogger John of Celtic Ways said...

Couldn't resist not reading it as I could not believe you would put time into something you do not want people to notice.

A smile came to me as around 2000 I was in the USA and had a franchise in a music and music events newspaper in Florida. They folded up their print version in 2001 to go totally online.

I think the fast upcoming immeidate future is online live broadcasting and that's where the ad dollars will go. Not like TV as live broadcasting is interactive, but a trend that should last a couple of years until we get fed up with the ads and go subscription.

The best advice, as you always seem to say, is keep with the flow and use the media of today and not so much of the past, and be aware the media resources will constantly be changing.

Also be aware of your target genre. Most baby boomers over 50, if that's your market, are still buying CDs and reading newspapers while younger are currently on disposable digital.

Keep an eye on the flash drive explosion about to happen! I'm finding all ages are starting to like that one, epecially if they buy a new gadget with a USP port and want something to plug into it.


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