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October 27, 2008

Music Press Kit Essentials: The Positive Quotes Page

There are many elements that make up a great music press kit. Here is just one of them ...

A media person will rarely listen to your CD all the way through -- especially the first time. The same goes for reading all of the articles and reviews included in your press clippings. That's where the Positive Quotes Page comes into play.

Music Press Kit

Use these two tips to create yours:

1) Pull out highlights from published reviews

You know that sprinkled throughout all of the write-ups you've earned are some golden nuggets of praise. I suggest you do what major motion picture marketers do ...

Pull out the best one- or two-sentence quotes from a variety of media sources, as in "'Two thumbs up!' -Roger Ebert." Go through all of the published write-ups in your collection of press clippings and find the most sparkling endorsements.


"Acme Rock Band sizzles on its debut CD!" -The Podunk Gazette

"The new disc from Acme Rock Band is chock full of catchy, three-minute pop
gems." -New Music Dispatch

Take these quotes and display them all on a single sheet or web page. You might put a headline at the top that reads: "Here's what the media are saying about Acme Rock Band ..."

I also suggest using this positive quotes sheet as the cover page for your stapled collection of press clippings. That way, someone could get a quick overview of the great things media sources have been saying about you. And the full-length articles are in the same package for those who want to read a little deeper.

2) Ask select industry people for a comment to include in your kit

What if you're just starting out or have a newly formed band? You may not have many (or any) positive quotes or press clippings. Now what?

Approach people you know in the music business (nightclub owners, studio engineers, disc jockeys) and ask them for a comment you can use. "I can always count on The Porcupines to put on a great show at my club!" -Ted Smith, owner, the Cool Club. That's a good start when you're short on traditional media quotes.

Also, when gathering these blurbs, feel free to suggest the wording for the person's comment. He or she can always change or tweak it, but you may be surprised by how many people will accept the blurb you wrote as is and let you use it on your Positive Quotes Page.


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