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October 26, 2007

Why Chicago Music Rocks

No, not the band from the '70s. I'm talking about the city. Yes, the Windy City - which I'm now calling Indie City. That's what it felt like last Sunday at the Chicago Actor's Studio when I presented the "7 Secrets to Low-Cost Music Promotion" workshop to a full house.

Check out these photos, then read more notes and thank you's below. (The first four images were taken by Matt Dolinar of The last two were taken by Pooki.)

Pictured (l to r): producer (and all-around gracious human being) Michael Freeman, super networker and PR gal Helena Bouchez, me, Pooki, and Randy Chertkow, co-author of the forthcoming book The Indie Band Survival Guide.

Attendees were obviously mesmerized by my hypnotic hand gestures at the "7 Secrets" workshop in Chicago.

Every last seat and stool was taken at the Chicago Actor's Studio for the "7 Secrets to Low-Cost Music Promotion" workshop.

My longtime author pal Jeffrey P Fisher wowed the "7 Secrets" audience in Chicago with his best music success tips.

Choking up across the street from the legendary Wrigley Field in Chicago, at the intersection of Clark and Addison.

Once we saw the name of the place, we couldn't resist stopping by the Buzz Cafe in the Oak Park area of Chicago. Cool place, cool people.

A big thanks to Helena Bouchez, the best PR-minded supporter an author could ever have. She worked her tookus off to spread the word in Chicago. For that I am extremely grateful. Thanks, Helena! (And, I hear she's a mean bass player.)

Thanks also to indie musician Phil Circle, who helped book the Actor's Studio venue. It was great seeing old pals Rob Gillis (of Waterdog Records), producer Michael Freeman, and Chicago Mike Beck. I really enjoyed meeting Dennis Snipe and being a guest on his FocusTalk radio show.

Met some new friends on this trip, including Maureen Herman of (former Babes in Toyland bassist, who was a guest speaker), Randy Chertkow, Jason Feehan, Matt Dolinar, Paul Taneja, and Ian Narcisi.

In all, a great weekend in Chicago!


P.S. Check out this video clip from Chicago:

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At Oct 31, 2007 11:02:00 AM, Blogger Alexa Mimieux said...

You just realized Chicago Rocks (smile)!?! Chicago's always been an innovative music city and was always heralded as such for decades in the press and by performers. EVERYONE wanted to play Chicago! Unlike LA & New York we don't need to try and convince you! It's known! It's shown! You've now experienced it.


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