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July 23, 2007

Top 5 Music News Stories

Here are a few pieces of music news you might want to read ...
Judge: RIAA Owes Wrongfully-Accused Defendant Over $68K
The RIAA must pay P2P defendant Debbie Foster $68,685.23 for accusing her of sharing copyrighted music over a P2P network.

Clear Channel Rethinks, Updates Indie Artist Contract
Clear Channel has dropped a licensing agreement that requires independent artists to waive royalties to be considered for airplay on the chain’s more than 1,100 stations.

Prince: The New Music Business Power Model
With a sponsorship deal here and an exclusive show there, worldwide television appearances and music given away, Prince has remade himself as a 21st-century pop star.

DJs Create Music Environments for Corporate Clients
Allen Klevens and Jason Shapiro don't spin vinyl at parties or nightclubs, but they might just be the ultimate DJs.

Band Plays a Brand-New Game
Jonny Dubowsky, 29, has exploited corporate partnerships to get exposure for his indie band, Jonny Lives!


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