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March 16, 2007

How Musician X Sold 500,000 CDs

This past Tuesday night I held a teleclass with Musician X. Who is he? Well, this smart instrumentalist has sold nearly 500,000 copies of his self-released CDs -- without a record label, distribution or significant airplay. And during the call he revealed his true identity and the unique way that he sells so much music.

The teleclass was part of a new series of phone interviews I'm doing primarily for members of my new Indie Music Marketing Insiders Club. Members get access to the live calls themselves and can download MP3 files of them later. I just posted the Musician X audio to the members-only site.

If you'd like to find out more about the new Insiders Club, just visit this page for a free quick access guest pass, or this page for details on how to join. (Hint: It only costs $8 to $10 a month.)

In addition to the teleclasses, the members-only sites now features:
  • The name and hard-to-find contact info of the music supervisor who places indie music on 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Shark,' 'Without a Trace' and other hit TV shows

  • Free access to my live workshop audio called "16 Insights for Indie Music Success" (which I sell for $14.95 from my site)

  • A great marketing idea I stole from the real estate business

  • An often-overlooked press coverage source in New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver/Boulder, Milwaukee, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Madison, WI

  • An hour-long audio of a talk show on which I discuss how bands and musicians can double (and even triple) their music income, how to improve press kits so they don't get trashed, and a lot more

  • Two ebooks filled with dozens of publicity tricks and ideas
Also, check out the free bonuses you get just for joining.

And next week my teleclass guest will be NYC publicist Ariel Hyatt, who will share her top Internet PR secrets for indie artists.

Don't miss out on these opportunities. Visit for more details now -- before you get distracted.

To your success!


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