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February 13, 2007's New Look

If you visit the home page of (which you can get to by clicking the Home tab above), you'll notice it has a fresh coat of paint. I haven't converted all of the pages to the new design template yet, but you can see enough of them now to get a good idea. It's cleaner and leaner ... I love it!

If you like it too, you can thank Scott Andrew, a Seattle-based indie musician who happens to have a great knack for all things web and tech-related. For years I've been using Scott's site as a great example of all the elements a good artist web site should have. So when it was time to update my own site, I turned to Scott. He not only took on the challenge, he rose to it!

Scott is interested in taking on some other music web design projects, so if you're interested in having him help you with your site, send him an email (Scott AT and tell him Bob Baker sent you.


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