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December 31, 2006

Indie Music Marketing Insiders Club: Get Your Free Guest Pass

It's New Year's Eve -- that spot on the calendar when we're once again eyeball to eyeball with a brand new year. How will 2007 be different? How will you make it better than '06?

Indie Music Marketing Insiders Club

One thing I'm doing is getting off my butt and finally launching something that's been on my backburner for years. It's called the Indie Music Marketing Insiders Club, and my resolution is to make this new project one of the most important things I do in 2007.

Granted, it won't be for everyone. But if you're a serious, action-oriented independent artist, manager, promoter, record label owner, or music service provider ... I think you'll find a lot of value.

Grab your free Guest Pass and take a sneak peek at the new Insiders Club now. If nothing else, you will enjoy the many free resources that come with the "sneak peek."

Happy New Year! Here's to a fun and prosperous 2007!


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