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December 26, 2006

4 Steps to Creating a Music Video Buzz

This Saturday Night Live music video clip has been viewed more than six and a half million times on YouTube. It's hilarious. Watch this uncensored version (featuring Justin Timberlake and SNL cast member Andy Samberg) and then continue reading below for my four-step formula to duplicate its success ...

That's what I call thinking inside the box!

But I can hear you now: "I can't possibly duplicate what NBC and the Justin Timberlake/Saturday Night Live brand names can accomplish."

I don't buy it. With the right idea, you can reach millions, regardless of who you are or where you start from.

The Four-Step Formula for Creating a Music Video Buzz

Write and record a clever, meaningful, risque and/or hilarious song.

2) Produce a low-budget video to visually represent the song.

3) Post it on YouTube and share the link with your friends and fans.

4) If it's remarkable and "Hey, you've got to see this"-worthy enough, people will do all the promotion work for you by spreading it.

Come on, admit it ... If Joe Blow from Podunk, Montana, had produced the "Dick in a Box" music video, it would still be a huge hit on YouTube.

It's not money and clout that you need. It's a remarkable, buzz-worthy idea. What's yours?


P.S. Want more online music video ideas? You'll find dozens of them in my new special report How to Use Video to Promote Your Music Online.

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