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May 01, 2006

MC Lars Taps Into iGeneration

Have you heard of MC Lars and his rap-inspired tunes aimed at the "iGeneration"?

Check out the tracks "Download This Song" and "iGeneration" on his MySpace page to see what I mean.

Lars is a good example of someone who is doing two smart things, marketing-wise:
  • Tapping into (and rapping about) a current event or trend -- in this case, the realities of the digital generation, with a big dose of flipping off the traditional corporate music industry.

  • Creating a new musical category Lars calls "post-punk laptop rap."
Opinions seem to vary on the quality of his songs and whether they fit more into the comedy or trailblazer genre. But one thing's for sure: MC Lars has received a good amount of media coverage --, The Village Voice, Now Toronto magazine, Chart Attack, Full Effect magazine, and, to name a few.

What event or trend does your music tap into? And what new category can you create and establish yourself as the preeminent artist in?


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