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April 05, 2006

Push-Pull Marketing, Beatles Style

Seth Godin posted a blog bit a few days ago that has been making the rounds. He points out that even the Beatles -- one of history's all-time Super Groups -- were not an overnight sensation.

"At the beginning, they were playing two or three clubs a day, dives, making a few pounds if they were lucky. Not for a month or two, but for years and years."

Then Seth showed this image ...

... and made this observation:

"Outbound marketing in every possible direction. Auditions for record labels, rejections, pitches to media outlets, concerts on spec, concerts for anyone who would show up. This is classic marketing, stuff that's easy to forget when we listen to the Shea Stadium concert or see the Flickr guys on the cover of 'Newsweek.' It's easy to imagine that suddenly, everyone knows you, wants you and makes it easy for you."

Seth also notes that once crowds started responding (with radio airplay, packed houses and screaming females), the Beatles continued to push their message and music back out.

Here's the second image from his blog:

It demonstrates the "Push-Pull Marketing" concept that I spoke about during my recent workshop in Austin. Effective promotion is all about an ongoing series of Push and Pull activities.

At first, it's mostly Push. You're busy getting your name and your sounds out there by any means necessary. Then people find out about you, respond and are Pulled to your web site or live show.

At that point, you collect their names and e-mail addresses, which gives you the opportunity to Push a more tailor-made message back out to fans. Those efforts inspire your fans to once again be Pulled back to your site or gig.

Again, it's a never-ending cycle of Push-Pull-Push-Pull-Push-Pull ...

So ... make like the Beatles, and push and pull yourself to success!


P.S. For details on how to push-pull your music online, check out my special report 50 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Music on the Internet.

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