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November 14, 2005

Create a FREE Music Podcast

If you're hooked up with, you may already know that the site just announced a new free service. Take a look at and you'll see that you can now create and host your own podcast via GarageBand.

I went ahead and tested the service by setting up a page there for my Artist Empowerment Podcast. I posted one of my earlier shows plus a newer one with more marketing tips material along with some killer songs by GarageBand-hosted artists Chris Gallagher, Heidi McCurdy and Denny Blake.

The GarageBand podcast deal is pretty quick and easy to use. In addition to basic podcasting, you can also record podcasts by phone, encourage other sites to embed your podcast onto their pages, and have fans sign up for email alerts.

I think I'll combine this new Gcast page with my own hosted Artist Empowerment Radio podcast page (which I also publish for free using a combination of Blogger, FeedBurner and OurMedia), along with a streaming version at Live365.

You should probably do the same with your original music podcasts. The more places people can access your songs, the better your chances of connecting with fans.

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At Nov 18, 2005 9:25:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been playing the guitar since 1972 I have also taught myself the banjo and the mandolin I have recently been composing my own music on the guitar I like to know what you would recommend for a beginner songwriter

At Feb 5, 2006 2:27:00 PM, Blogger AERIA Records said...


For Immediate Release:

Contact: Coleman R. Brice 732.361.4581


Asbury Park, NJ - In a radical departure from typical record company approaches, AERIA Records is literally giving its music away. Creative Entertainment Officer (CEO) Colie Brice explains, " In today's new media music business, it makes no sense to sue your customers over illegal downloading. The recording industry can't sue its way back to Platinum status. Instead it needs to focus on inspiring patronage by releasing much better, more artistically relevant and authentic music and making a better effort to create must have, collectable packaging. For instance, all of our CDs come in breath taking digipacks produced by the same Art Director (and notable photograper Steven J. Dundas) and we have yet to produce over 2500 of any one title. These CDs are exclusive and rare and appeal to true music fans who really desire something special.
We also believe our promotional future lays within narrow casting via podcasts and independent internet radio. I mean, why should we even try to get our releases on Clear Channel and other overly commercial outlets? Real music fans don't even take these stations seriously anymore. They know its largely computer generated, sanitized playlists. How many times can you hear "Hotel California" in one lifetime. It's a fucking joke.
All the innovative programming is online by creative new media mavericks. We officially offer all our new music through the podsafe music network and our own podcast Luna Musings which is available absolutely free on iTunes.. Our feeling is that if music fans want to try before they buy, then why not? If you listen to an mp3 or podcast a few times and decide you don't really like it, no problem.. If it's living on your iPod, then it wouldn't it be nice to support our "shareware" so we can keep producing worthwhile new releases? Our mission is to stay aware at all times that it is incumbent upon us to stimulate consumer interest and passion by providing real music, not prefabricated wannabe Ashlee Simpson crap.."

For more information:

About AERIA: AERIA Records is a division of AERIA Entertainment L.L.C. and distributed by Fontana Distribution. Based at the New Jersey Shore, AERIA Records - led by recording artist/music industry veteran Colie Brice, is a small start up company focused on releasing and promoting the best new music from New Jersey's legendary music scene. Current releases include debut efforts by Brian Amsterdam, St. Christopher (aka Christopher Corley), New Machine, Mark Prescott, and the March 8, 2006 debut of Agency.
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