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June 15, 2005

Internet Music Promotion Principle #2: Don't Be a Fuzzy, Bone-Headed Communicator

If you're sold on the advice I dished out in the first principle, congratulations! You're miles ahead of most independent musicians. From now on you will target your marketing efforts by going to the places where your ideal fans congregate. Great. But there's a right way and a wrong way to present yourself via these targeted avenues.

One way is to mindlessly announce "Hey, here I am. Check me out." With this method, you might list a band name and a web site. You also might feel proud of yourself for taking action. Sorry, Skippy, but you haven't done yourself any favors. Most fans and industry people who view these types of senseless interruptions think, "Who cares?"

Another way is to think through the most appropriate way to communicate via each avenue (whether it's an e-mail to a webmaster, a posting to an online forum, a pitch to an online music reviewer) and act accordingly. Then, most importantly, you must be clear about who you are, what type of music you play, and what sets you apart from other similar acts.

Why do this? Because once you know where your best potential fans and media sources hang out, you need to make sure that your earliest contact with them lets them know right away that your music is something they'll probably enjoy. What will help you accomplish that most effectively? A brainless "Dude, check out my web site. See ya around."? (Believe it or not, I get a lot of e-mails like this.)

Or ... Compare that to a message along the lines of "Hi. Love your rockabilly web site. Thought you might be interested in my band, The Roadblasters. We're a rockabilly band that plays original songs mostly about cars. We're a big hit in Cincinnati and perform regularly at NASCAR and drag racing events in the region. I'd be happy to send you our new CD, 'Feels on Wheels,' or you can listen to MP3s on our web site at ..."

See the advantages of being clear about who you are and what you play? It helps you cut through the chaos and noise online. It allows the people most likely to support you to become interested in you and want to know (and hear) more. Keep this principle in mind whenever you take action to promote yourself on the Internet.

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