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April 14, 2005

Groovy Judy Is Far Out, Solid & Right On

I've written about indie artist Groovy Judy before. And for good reason. She knows how to communicate with her fans online.

A recent issue of her fan e-zine starts off with the heading ...

"The Groove News -- the hip happenings of Groovy Judy and her funky band."

Then she opens with ...

"Greetings and Happy Spring! If this is your first time receiving the Groove News, welcome!

"My goal as an artist is to spread positive vibes through my music and performances, as well as inspire people to be the best they can be. The songs I write are about relationships, social issues, love, peace, and enjoying life to the fullest."

If Judy were right in front of me, I'd plant a big kiss right on her groovy cheek. Why? Because she gets it. Those opening lines spell out who she is and what she does for newcomers, while also reminding more familiar fans that she is still there cranking out the good vibes for them.

Head to and subscribe to her e-mail list. Then watch and learn from someone who gets it and isn't just funkin' around.

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