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March 17, 2005

What Is Podcasting?

You've certainly heard the term. If you're active with music on the Internet, "podcasting" pops up more often than "Paris Hilton" and "Cialis" combined. Perhaps you're an early adopter and are already podcasting your music from your own site or someone else's.

But, just perhaps, you're still trying to wrap your mind around this whole podcasting thing. If so, don't feel bad. After all, it didn't really hit the mainstream Internet until August of last year. That was sooooo seven months ago. What are you waiting for? :-)

For a nice overview of what podcasting is, its history and more, take a look at Wikipedia's definition.

Also, has a cool tutorial on how to listen to and create podcasts.

In fact, I'm planning to put an alternate version of my Artist Empowerment radio show into a podcast format soon.

So get educated and get up to speed. Just in time for the next technological trend to come racing around the bend.

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