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December 08, 2004

How to Boost Your Music Sales

Here are three simple steps you can take to sell more of your CDs, tapes, DVDs and other music merchandise:

1. Identify your most profitable selling areas

To double your CD sales, you must know where and how to concentrate your energies. First, consider if geography will play a part. Will you most likely sell more CDs locally? In the Midwest? Along the East Coast? In Denmark? Next, consider the method of sales: mail order, retail sales, distributors, sales at gigs, the Internet ... which ones will work best for you?

2. Understand who your ideal fans are

Determine what type of person is most likely to spend money on you: young or old, men or women, lavish tastes or budget-minded, hyper or mellow? Other questions to ask:
  • Do these people have the money to buy your CDs?
  • Is this segment of the population growing in number or shrinking?
  • Are there any other ways of positioning your music to also appeal to a different group of people?
Write answers to these questions, brainstorm and zero in on fans who will buy your music.

3. List ways of getting access to your fans

Once you know exactly what type of music fan you're going after, make a list of various ways to communicate with these specific people.
  • What magazines and newspapers do they read?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What radio stations do they listen to?
  • What retail outlets do they frequent?
  • What web sites do they surf to?
  • What e-mail newsletters do they subscribe to?
List every conceivable way of reaching these important folks. Then design an action plan to make the most of these avenues.

The tips above are a very brief excerpt from the new 22-page special report Double Your Music Sales (in 90 Days or Less).

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