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October 06, 2004

Music Marketing Channels: Too Little or Too Much?

Robin Spielberg of play Mountain Music makes a lot of good points in her MusicDish article called "Gum at the Wall Marketing Approaches and Why They Don't Work."

In one segment, she talks about the senselessness of trying to make your CDs available everywhere:

"There is no need to be in every store in every state, or on every web site that sells music. Keeping our invoicing streamlined is, for us, the way to go. It can actually be HARMFUL to be in too many stores. Why? Because that means your inventory is 'all over the place,' and after six months, it may very well come back to you cracked, chipped, broken, stickered ... and all at your expense. Rotating distribution outlets, for us, makes a lot more sense. Believe me, if your fans are looking for your music, they will find it. And if stores are getting repeated requests for your music, the distributors will find YOU."

Good advice ... Focus. Keep things simple. Prioritize your promotion and sales options, and pursue the short list of avenues that will provide the most bang for the buck!

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At May 19, 2005 2:55:00 PM, Blogger skoda said...

I agree, if we talk about CDs. But what would you say about selling our mp3 album online? No hardware! Chances are going higher if you promote on verious sites in the same time, aren't they? Do you know what is the proportion CD online stores / mp3 online stores? Let me guess - 50/50?


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