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October 12, 2004

Instant Download's Gonna Get You

One of the newest players in the crowded online digital download horse race is the U.K.-based KarmaDownload. According to a statement on the site, "We will be presenting the best new music from the independent sector, featuring unsigned talent to music from some of the leading independent record labels around the world. We'll also be featuring exclusive downloads you won't find anywhere else, including exclusive compilations, remixes and live gigs."

KarmaDownload does not charge indie artists to join its service. The deal is simple. KarmaDownload sells each MP3 download for £0.99 and shares 50% of the money generated with you after a 15% handling fee (to cover credit/debit card charges, hosting fees, etc.) is deducted. Check it out and get more details here.

In case you haven't been paying attention in recent years, you might want to know that eMusic, one of the early music download sites, is entirely focused on serving the needs of independent music fans and labels. The site sells only music from 3,700 independent labels, a total of a half-million tracks, via subscription plans that start at $9.99 per month for 40 downloads. The aim is to help fans locate the small, the obscure and the eccentric, and help musicians find their fans.

Note: It sounds like eMusic works only with independent labels and distributors and NOT indie artists individually. However, if you sell your CD through CD Baby, you can make your songs available on eMusic (and other major online music services). Get details here.

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