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September 25, 2006

MySpace Favorite Friend Adder

Here's a great way to prioritize your growing friend list on MySpace. This tip is courtesy of Dave Stasiak, a singer-producer with the band Dream/Clone (

Hey Bob, just got your Myspace Marketing book (already own the Guerrilla Marketing one) and am almost done with it. One possible addition for future editions would be this ...

There is a function called "Add Friend to Favorites" which is a sub-list you can create with some of your friends. I believe this can help with the two clashing schools of thought:

1) It's good to have a lot of friends because it makes you look more legitimate and popular.

2) It's better to have more quality friends that will actually listen to your music and potentially support you and buy your music.

If you find the friends that are most dedicated (the ones that comment and visit your page frequently) and add them to your favorites, you can keep them organized and separate from your "filler" friends who are just there to bump up your friend numbers. This makes it easier to target your true dedicated fans, while still keeping the advantage of a lot of friends.

Fantastic advice! Thanks, Dave.


P.S. Dave uses a short, sweet description to describe his band, Dream/Clone: "Techno-fueled hip-hop with edgy pop hooks." Now that's what I call a powerful little Brand Identity Statement!

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At Oct 11, 2006 3:36:00 PM, Blogger Doug Alcock said...

"Techno-fueled hip-hop with edgy pop hooks." --- that's great!! I'm still looking for mine perfect description --- it isn't easy.....


At Dec 2, 2008 11:01:00 AM, Anonymous Fran├žois said...

The best way is defintively having a good tool to avoid spending nights in front of your computer... I used several friend adder in the past but it was not sufficient. Finally I developped my own and make it multi networks (Myspace, Facebook, YouTube,
Now I can concentrate on music !
What's interesting about it is that you don't add people randomly but you can select them depending on their tastes, country, cities... So you send add to the right people.


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