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September 08, 2006

Full-Time Indie Musician: Are You Ready?

It's the dream of virtually every aspiring musician. Being able to generate enough steady income from your music to quit your day job -- and live a fulfilling life centered around music and creativity, on your own terms.

Does this describe you? If so, please visit this new, special web page right away:

What you'll find there are details about an in-depth interview I did with indie success story John Taglieri. I've been so impressed with John over the years, I've featured him in three of my books. He lives the essence of what it means to be a self-empowered independent artist.

Several years ago John set a goal of playing music full-time. Through sheer determination and drive, he worked methodically toward that goal. He quit his last job nearly two years ago and has since sold thousands of his self-released CDs, tours the country when he wants to, and has thousands of fans around the world.

John is a living, breathing example of what a focused artist can accomplish on his own.

There are lots of places to turn for good ideas and music career advice. But much of it is abstract theory. The best way to learn is from someone who has not only done it, but is doing it right now. John Taglieri is doing what most musicians only talk and dream about. Listen to him. Learn from him. Be inspired by him. Visit this web page now:


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