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June 18, 2006

Marketing While in the Military

A Buzz Factor e-zine subscriber named Rick is currently serving in the U.S. Navy. His ship has been deployed over the last couple of years to support the war in Iraq and Tsunami relief in Indonesia. In between operations, he has some down time. Here's part of an e-mail he sent recently:

I'm wondered if there is some way I can turn this down time into more press and promotion for my band. There is always a spin on any situation in a band, and each road block should be viewed as an opportunity to move forward. So do you have any experience in dealing with situations like this? This deployment probably won't be my last, so I want to explore options to market our music while I am away. I know a lot of guys in the military that play music and some of them are in bands, so I would like to ask for them as well.

I'm sure a number of subscribers and readers of this blog are in the military, with many more who have friends and family members who are serving. That's why I wanted to share my short reply to Rick, for anyone else who could use it:

Thanks for the e-mail. Here are some quick random ideas (some of which you may have already thought of).

First, look into any possible exposure with military related publications and web sites. I would think they'd be interested in a unique human interest angle like yours from one of their own. I just found these pages of links:

Also, think about your hometown media. "Local guy keeps his music dreams alive while serving," etc. That seems like a great hook to me.

Even more general media might bite on this. Write a press release about your activities and post it on and

Hope these help. And a big thank you to everyone who sacrifices to defend their country!


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