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August 31, 2005

Help Hurricane Victims

The news coming from Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida is devastating. Hurricane Katrina did a number on many coastal cities and a lot of people are homeless and hurting. Check out these pages at and FEMA to learn about ways you can help.

Musicians are stepping up and putting together benefit shows, as you'd expect from the creative community. And here's a pretty cool e-mail that Derek Sivers from CD Baby just sent out to artists who sell their CDs on the site:

If you'd like to donate all profits of your CD sales to the Red Cross disaster relief fund, to help the hurricane victims, I set up an easy way for you to do this at CD Baby.

Log in to your CD Baby artist account here:

After you log in, click [YOUR ITEMS], up top, then [EDIT ALBUM INFO] next to your CD, then click next to "Giving profits to charity." It will explain more about how it works, there.

If you choose to do it, it will put your CD into a special section of, linked from the front page, of other artists who have chosen to give their CD profits to the Red Cross.

Tomorrow morning I will email over 1 million CD Baby customers, telling them about this special promotion, encouraging them to buy some CDs from this special section.

You may think that a few sales won't help, but with thousands of musicians banded together to do this, I think it will help a LOT of people get their lives back together after this disaster.

Do your part and help out any way you can.

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