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August 08, 2005

Keys to the Music Success Kingdom

I received an inspiring e-mail last week from Jordan Olsen of the band Old Man Johnson. I asked Jordan if I could share his note with you -- not to show how cool I am, but to make a point about having the right attitude concerning your music career. Here's the e-mail:

Bob, I've been getting your Buzz Factor e-mails for years. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your tips and positive reinforcement as I go along this music business road. I've by no means met my goal of playing music full time, but it's a goal I'm constantly working towards. But more importantly, you've helped me redefine what I want out of my music career.

In my early high school years I thought "making it" was playing to arena-sized crowds, backed by a big label budget. Now in my mid-twenties, I believe success for me can be found simply performing to a packed club. I now have realistic goals that I can achieve on my own, where before only "luck" would be able to grant my wishes. I'm in control and a large part of this attitude can be attributed to your work.

I appreciate Jordon sending me these kind words of praise. But I have to tell you, he's giving me too much credit. Through my written words, I may have provided some mental stimulation to nudge him, but make no mistake: His ability to empower himself and take control of his place in music was there all along. He just needed to become aware of the power he already possessed.

My mission as a writer and author isn't to instill (or install) a little inspiration in you and temporarily pump you up. My real goal is to wake you up to the awesome capacity you already have to decide what you want, pursue it passionately and make it materialize on your own terms.

Too many music people put the focus outside of themselves -- on a record label, a manager, a contract, an agent, a sales chart, a program director, etc. But that's *not* where your true power lies.

If you want the keys to the Music Success Kingdom, look in the mirror. Because your ultimate level of accomplishment (however *you* define it) starts and ends with ... YOU!

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