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June 11, 2007

Music Marketing in the Digital Age

A recent article on the Digital Media Wire site offered a short list of tips for promoting music in the digital age. Here are my four favorites:

  • Utilize MySpace and other web sites to their full potential and don't be afraid to give your music away for free. If one million people listen to your songs online, don't see it as you just lost $1 million in potential sales. See it as you just got radio play in 100 markets.

  • You have to learn new ways of viral marketing, including widgets and blog search engines. And don't be afraid to experiment with putting your music in new places and contexts.

  • Look at what the most progressive record labels are doing with their artists, like Canadian Nettwerk and Barenaked Ladies, and try to copy it.

  • Good music is still good music. Content is still king. True talent will prevail somehow. You just have to keep an open mind about it.
Solid ideas to keep in mind as you find your place on the digital music frontier!


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