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November 27, 2006

Bob's New Video, Podcast & More

My mission these days is to deliver music marketing ideas and empowering messages by engaging most of your senses -- your eyes, your ears, your brain. I haven't incorporated a sense of touch or smell yet, and that's probably a good thing ... but I give you lots of choices to receive the message nonetheless.

Here's a rundown of my latest audio/visual food for thought:
  • A new video clip featuring the three timeless music promotion principles that all artists should use to make their marketing most effective.

  • A new Artist Empowerment Radio podcast that reveals clever networking strategies, creative ways to work your way into the songwriters' inner circle, the importance of fans and how to find them, and more.

  • Another podcast that covers how video has exploded on the Internet, and how you can make the most of this new online music promotion opportunity.

  • And if you haven't grabbed it yet, be sure to get this FREE collection of music promotion reports, tip sheets and tools.
That should keep your senses busy for a while!


P.S. For more in-depth study, check out my books, special reports, and audio programs.

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