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December 21, 2005

Another Kick-Butt Music Web Site

I've talked about kick-butt music web site ideas here and there. Well, here's another example of an artist who is making great use of the Web.

Check out Josh Woodward's site, and particularly his My Songs section, where he employs the following features:
  • A line that states "Not sure where to start? What kind of music do you like?" Then he lists categories such as "Darker Pop/Rock," "Light Folk" and "Heavy," with suggested songs to check out for each style.

  • Free MP3s of 77 original songs. Not only that, he gives people the option to stream or download the tracks AND supplies the lyrics and guitar tabs to each song. Wow.

  • Links to where you can purchase his CDs (for only $5 each) and his music "sharing policy."
That's going above and beyond to provide benefits to fans. What are you doing to deliver value on your web site?


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