Facebook Music Promotion
and Marketing Guide

Links to how-to articles, tips and advice on using Facebook to market your music, connect with fans, promote your live shows, and sell more music. An expanding page of incredibly useful Facebook music promotion resources.

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Compiled by Bob Baker, who you can friend on Facebook here

Facebook Music Promotion Basics

How to Get Your Band or Music on Faceoook from Garagespin

Using Your Facebook Feed to Drive Music Sales from CD Baby

Facebook Music Marketing Tactics from Not Evil Music

Facebook for Bands, a book excerpt

Posterous: How to Post Super Easy Multimedia Updates to Facebook, Twitter & More by Bob Baker

Mashable's Facebook Section, for the latest tech news on Facebook

What Twitter and Facebook Can Learn From Phish from Mashable

Engage Your Fans and Get Personal by Bob Baker

5 Superb Social Media Tools for Musicians from Mashable

Setting Up a Facebook Band or Artist Page

Facebook 101: Setting Up an Artist/Band Page, Part 1 and Part 2, from CD Baby

10 Tip for Building Fans on a Facebook Band Page from DIY Musician

Root Music, a site that can help you build custom band pages on Facebook

How to Create a Custom Tab for Your Facebook Page from Phenomenoodle

The Facebook Pages Help Center

Facebook Music Apps

The Top 7 Facebook Apps for Musicians by Ariel Hyatt

20 Great Music Applications for Facebook from Mashable

ReverbNation Facebook Apps for Bands

iLike Facebook App for Musicians

Internet Marketing Resources by Bob Baker

Internet Music Marketing Crash Course

70 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Music on the Internet

Killer Music Web Sites

MySpace Music Marketing

55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet

Promoting with Facebook Events

How to Properly Create a Facebook Event for Your Shows from CD Baby

How to Organize an Event on Facebook from Mashable

Facebook Event Promotion, a good video tutorial

Rethinking Facebook Event Listings: 10 Ways to Make Them Work More Effectively, from Aquifer Media

General Facebook Marketing Advice

How to Use Facebook for Professional Networking from Mashable

How to Manage a Facebook Group from Mashable

The Facebook Groups Help Center

Facebook News Feed and Wall: How to Control Privacy by Mari Smith

Simplify Facebook & Twitter with the ABC's of Social Media by Mari Smith

Five Facebook Annoyances - and How to Fix Them from Fox News

The Facebook Marketing Toolbox: 100 Tools & Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base from Inside CRM

Books About Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day by Chris Treadaway & Mari Smith

Facebook Marketing: Designing Your Next Marketing Campaign (2nd Edition) by Justin R. Levy

Facebook Marketing for Dummies by Paul Dunay and Richard Krueger