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The Do-It-Yourself Author Interview

Sure, it would be great to get magazine and newspaper feature writers to interview you, say glowing things about your book, and run your life story in print. But if that goal is slow in coming, don’t give up. Do it yourself.

Here's how ...

Imagine your ideal interview. What questions would you like the interviewer to ask you? What sort of fascinating answers would you provide to amaze and inspire readers? Have some fun thinking this through.

Next, write out your fantasy questions and answers. But don't ramble about everything under the sun. Stay focused on your author identity and why people should care about you and your book. Make your responses lively, interesting, and maybe even a little shocking and controversial.

Take this self-produced Q&A and put it in your press kit and on your web site, or use it as a stand-alone item sent to the media. Journalists will use it to learn more about the author behind the book, and they may very well use your quotes in the articles they write about you.



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