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Steve Pavlina's Hilarious Bonus Offer

This is too funny. If you need a good laugh to relieve any stress you might be feeling because of the economy, this is the answer to your prayers.

Steve Pavlina is a prolific and successful blogger who just came out with a new book called Personal Development for Smart People. In one recent post he listed a bunch of free bonuses that readers would get when they buy now.

We've all seen these ridiculously long list of freebies dangled in front of our noses to inspire us to buy now. Heck, I'm guilty of using them myself to inspire sales.

But Steve has a hilarious take on this tactic. I'll turn it over to him now ...

Free Bonus With Your Book Order

I forgot to mention that if you order my book this month, you'll receive several free bonuses. I think you'll agree these are truly awesome. Their combined value is so incredibly high that I can't possibly put a price on them.

Some authors try to convince you to buy their books by tossing in a bunch of crappy e-books you'll never read. But obviously such a scheme is unworthy of a "smart person" such as yourself.

So I had to come up with something much more beneficial to you, something that would complement the book and add some serious value to it.

It took a lot of effort to develop these bonuses, but I think you'll agree they make this offer absolutely irresistible.

Here's what you'll receive:

Bonus #1: Love and Gratitude

You'll receive my unconditional love for helping to support my work (or is that conditional love?). Every day I take a moment to cast out love energy to everyone who's read my book. The sooner you read the book, the more love energy you receive. In addition to the free love bonus, I also send out feelings of deep gratitude, so that's like a bonus on top of a bonus. :)

But wait -- there's more!!!

Bonus #2: Heightened Awareness

This book will significantly increase your awareness. Even if you don't do any of the exercises, I guarantee this book will change the way you think about your life — for the better. You'll be able to amaze your friends and family with your newfound enlightenment.

And that's not all!!!

Bonus #3: Pass It On Value

After you read the book, you can pass it on to someone you think would benefit from it. Then it becomes a powerful gift you can bestow upon another human being. I don't earn any money when this happens, but who cares? These ideas are meant to be shared.

Hold on -- we're not done yet!!!

Bonus #4: Free Consultation

I can't believe I'm including this, but here goes… With your order I'll include one free astral consultation. Just go to sleep tonight and come visit me on the astral plane, and I'll personally consult with you for free. Best of all, since there's no time in the astral realms, you can take as long as you want! Just make sure you're fully lucid; otherwise you may not remember any of it.

Still not convinced -- it gets better!!!

Place your order within the next 10 minutes, and I'll double your bonuses! That's right -- double! You'll get double the love and gratitude! Double the awareness! Double the pass it on value! And double the consultations!

This offer is absolutely unprecedented!!! You'd better act now before I regain my sanity!

Operators are standing by… :)

Funny stuff. Thanks for the laugh, Steve! I needed that.


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  • You know, I gotta wonder, having read a lot of Steve's work... Maybe he wasn't joking.


    P.S. Just catching up on your blog, Bob. Absolutely loving it.

    By Anonymous Tim King, At Thursday, November 06, 2008  

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