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10 Ways to Promote Your Book on the Internet

I was checking my web logs last week and noticed I was getting some hits based on the search strings "promote your book" and "how to promote your book." I ran them through Google and was surprised to see they both came up #2. Way cool!

The only thing was, it linked to a page on a site I haven't updated in eons (you know how that goes). On that page was a great article by Roger C Parker that I published years ago. But it didn't link to my current site and made no mention of my recent work helping aspiring authors.

But, even after a few years, it's still a great article. So I'm keeping it on the same page to lock in the Google ranking. But I just updated the layout to reflect the newer Full-Time Author design.

I encourage you to read How to Promote Your Book on the Internet. These ten timeless pieces of advice will help you market and sell a lot more books.

And while you're at it, take a look at your own web logs and find out it any of your outdated pages are getting traffic. If they are, update them quick!


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