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How to Get Your Name in My Next Book

Last week I officially pre-launched my new book, called "55 Ways to Promote & Sell Your Book on the Internet."

But I did it in a very unusual way. Some might even call it "revolutionary."

See what I'm talking about at

Actually, I borrowed this idea from the indie music world. Many bands over the years have turned to their fans for help. They pre-sell a new CD before it's even recorded. And they give the fans who support them early on a lot of perks, like free downloads of early song demos, their names in the CD sleeve credits, etc.

I'm doing something very similar with this next book, which will be my 7th published paperback -- but my very first title specifically for authors and book publishers.

So I invite you to be part of this unconventional book launch. You'll get your name and web address in the printed book, along with lots of other goodies.

See all the details at

Yes, this isn't your typical book publishing formula. Then again, I'm not your typical author.

And I encourage you to think outside the octagon as you build your own author career too.



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