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Unleash the Artist Within Would you like to prosper more from your music and other creative passions?

Read these free excerpts from my new book, Unleash the Artist Within: Four Weeks to Transforming Your Creative Talents Into More Recognition, More Profit and More Fun

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Introduction: Welcome to Your New Creative Life

Day 6: Are You Ready to Take Action Now?

Day 9: Harness the Power of Questions

Day 18: Seek Out Unconventional Promotion Opportunities

Low-Cost, High-Impact Ideas You Can Use to Market Your Creative Talents

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Here are some of the most recent comments from readers:

"Your book has shown me that marketing is numero uno but also that managing my time is as important. It is amazing how many pitfalls you describe that I find myself doing. You can be your own worst enemy and 'Unleash the Artist Within' shows you how to free yourself and persue your goals and dreams. This book should be a top-10 bestseller." -Tom Schoblocher, Nuvoman Recording Studio,

"When I picked up 'Unleash The Artist Within' my intention was to read it when I had the time. Ha! I started reading it right away and I simply could not stop. I finished the book in nearly one sitting. What a great book!" -Lee Silber, author of "Self-Promotion for the Creative Person,"

"Bob Baker's advice on harnessing and expressing your creativity comes from someone who's pursued his dreams, made mistakes and shares wise lessons. If you have been putting off a creative project, buy this motivating book and you'll soon get cracking!" -Marcia Yudkin, author, "Six Steps to Free Publicity" and 10 other books,

"If you enjoyed 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron, you'll love this book. And if you didn't enjoy it because you thought it was too preachy, you'll love this book. 'Unleash the Artist Within' is full of practical advice and exercises that I think most creative people will find helpful. Bob is a guy who has done exactly what this book is about -- turning creativity and passion into a business. He's a good mentor for anybody interested in doing the same and this book is a great way to get a ton of his advice for not much money." -David Hooper,, Nashville, TN

"This is an amazing book. It helped me realize what it was I liked so much about Bob Baker. Sure, he has years of knowledge and great tips, but it's his ability to inspire that really sets him apart. You see, Bob is a creative consultant, and that is what makes him such an incredible marketer. 'Unleash the Artist Within' takes you step by step over 28 days through the creative process. The tips described therein are sure to get your creative juices flowing. And every penny you spend on his written wisdom is money back in your pocket." Marc Gunn, Celtic MP3s Music Magazine, Austin, TX

"I enjoy your material very much: intelligently written, accessible, friendly and really helpful. I like the tone of your writing and the fact that you do not come across as a hipster or an arrogant know-it-all." -Barbara Lewis, singer/songwriter,

"I have been relatively successful with marketing and producing my art but felt I needed to go beyond what I had been doing in the past. Your book, with its step-by-step approach, was the kick-start I needed. I began thinking out of the box and have come up with some fabulous marketing ideas with plans to set them in place. I must confess that I could not wait to read each section day by day and flew through it in about 10 days. I look forward to following this book with one of your others, but right now I have too many wonderful plans to get busy with." -Lisa Meek, artist

"The strength of Bob's book is that it gives you specific actions steps to follow on a daily basis. When you have a dream, even if the destination is clear to you, the most difficult part is breaking it down into little workable steps, and Bob Baker helps you do that." -Cady "Caddy" Finlayson, Spirited Irish Fiddle,

"I absolutely love your book. I've printed out all the Commitment Statements and am planning to frame and hang them over my desk." -Ingrid Heldt, singer/songwriter,

"Your book is truly inspiring. I am in a place where I can see manifestation happening in my life from my clarity of thought and action, which is why I am so excited to really apply your suggestions. This is such an important time for artists everywhere. I feel so much support wherever I turn." -Mary Sarah

"I have been reading 'Unleash the Artist Within' and it has been great. I have already had some success writing music beds for local commercials and now your book has inspired me to reach for a bigger market." J. Camer Weckerley, Talking Heart Music,

"I am very pleased with your book. It's bringing out the best of me. As a creative, eccentric artist, I can't seem to get enough mental stimulation. Sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated as an artist, especially when you're independent and working solo. However, your book has opened up different channels of my mind and has changed my outlook toward my attitude, goals, and career, enabling me to kick into full gear. I would recommend this book to everyone. Thanks for being such a great asset to society." -Denita Smith

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