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So, you're probably wondering what the daily lessons and Action Steps in the four-week Unleash the Artist Within workshop are like. Dig into these samples and find out.

Day 6: Are You Ready to Take Action Now?

A friend of mine, who I've been told is a promising writer, has been telling me for more than a year that he's ready to dive into that long-awaited music journalism career. But guess what? He is no closer to writing his first article today than he was a year ago.

Of course, if you ask him, he's got a handy list of good reasons his career is permanently stuck in Limbo. Like too many aspiring artists, he comes up with convenient reasons for not doing what he says he really wants to do, such as:

Sound familiar? Some people need all their ducks in a row, all the pieces of the puzzle in one place and all the stars aligned in a certain cosmic pattern before they'll even consider taking the first step toward a creative goal.

Here's a prime example from my own experience: Several years ago, I made a trip to Memphis. While there, I picked up one of the local newspapers.

In one publication I saw "News of the Weird," a column that reported strange but true news items from around the world. It was hilarious. The column ended with an address to contact the writer who compiled the stories. I had been publishing my music newspaper for a few years at the time, so I decided to write and see if I could carry the column in my paper.

However, I ended up doing nothing about it. I took no immediate action. And about six months later, "News of the Weird" began running in a competing paper in my hometown. To this day, it's one of the more popular features in that paper. By not acting, I missed the boat -- and a great opportunity.

Don't take this same approach with your career. Making money with your talents is not something you'll eventually get around to some day. Carving that special (and profitable) place for yourself is something you can start working toward right now. Why wait? Every day that passes is full of missed opportunities if you choose to continue only daydreaming about the level of exposure and success you desire.

"One job finished is worth one hundred partially done," writes Russ Von Hoelscher in his book How to Achieve Total Success. "You can't be a winner if you don't get in the race, and you can't be a winner if you drop out of the race."

Let's get one thing straight: This book is not about getting rich quickly. You probably won't be making $1,000 a day in your chosen vocation tomorrow. Chances are, you're not going to be a multi-million dollar film producer by next week if you're new to the field.

But you could start gathering information by making a phone call or sending an e-mail ... RIGHT NOW!

You could go to the public library and research your favorite moneymaking topic ... RIGHT NOW!

You could set up a meeting with an expert on your chosen topic or offer to do an internship for him or her ... RIGHT NOW!

Don't waste time. Even if you can't quit your day job just yet, at least start laying a foundation for when you can. And start doing it ... RIGHT NOW!

Commitment statement:

"To become successful and financially comfortable with my creativity, I must make a conscious decision to do so and then be willing to take the action necessary to make it happen. And I will begin taking that action ... RIGHT NOW!"

Today's Action Step

Now it's time to make the leap from thinking and writing to acting on your desires. Let's make this simple. Get out your journal and write down five simple things you could do this very moment to help you move closer to your creative goal. These actions shouldn't be earth shattering. I'm talking about uncomplicated, easily doable tasks. Write down five of these simple actions.

Now pick one item on the list and do it. Really do it. And do it now!

Don't keep reading and tell yourself you'll do this thing later. Get up and take action right now.

Go ahead, I'll wait here until you get back ...





Way to go! You did it!

Now pick up a pen and scratch a line through that item to indicate that you've accomplished it. Congratulations! You've just taken an important step toward boosting your creative career -- which is exactly what it'll take to reach your goals.

Now choose two other actions from your list and do them sometime over the next 24 hours.

You're doing a great job. Keep it going.

From here you can: