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Thanks for your interest in reading some free excerpts from my book, Unleash the Artist Within. Here is the entire introduction, which gives you a great idea of what's in store for you as you strive to get more exposure and attract more fans to your talents.

Welcome to Your New Creative Life

You are about to embark on an invigorating four-week journey. For the next 28 days you will immerse yourself in one simple lesson every day that will help you focus your energies on making the most of your creative talents.

Whether you are pursuing an interest in music, art, writing, acting, photography, crafts or any other creative field, what you do during the next four weeks will create the foundation upon which your creative future will be built.

I wrote this book because I was frustrated by the traditional view of people who aspire to pursue life and work in the arts. I often asked myself: What is it about creative career paths that cause so many people to look upon them with such disrespect; even disdain?

"You go ahead and get those artistic urges out of your system," parents, friends and complete strangers say. "Once you wise up, you can go out and get a real job."

Why must musicians, artists, writers, actors and others endure this nonsense? Medical students have to struggle for years before getting established and cashing in. I've known a couple of lawyers who didn't have the drive to effectively build their practices, and they ended up disheartened and frustrated. Yet you never hear phrases such as "starving lawyer" or "tortured doctor." No, those terms are reserved for creative types -- the "artistic" ones with the unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky dreams.

Let's put an end to this craziness here and now!

I'm not implying the creative road is paved with gold. But it holds as much potential as you're willing to give it. The truth is, in every artistic field there are successful people making lots of money and people who are struggling -- just as there are in all fields.

Make no mistake. You can get recognition, earn money and feel joyful along just about any creative path. You just have to put a few basic principles into action on a regular basis to be successful.

This book is designed to give you some of those guiding principles. Within these pages you'll find three types of ideas:

Don't get caught up in the starving artist mentality. Take the ideas in this book and use them to create your own new definition of what it means to be a creative success.

Who Is This Book For?

Of course, this book was written for artists, writers, musicians and other creative people. But people who fit those descriptions fall into different categories of accomplishment. It's important to know these categories and where you fit in. "Unleash the Artist Within" was written for people who fall into any one of the following three types of artistic pursuit:

If you already enjoy a full-time devotion to your craft, this book will help you recharge your enthusiasm and boost your notoriety and income. If you're currently working another job and aspire to pursue your talent full time, you'll find dozens of tips to help you make the transition faster.

It's important to note that not everyone has to be a full-time, self-employed artist to be successful. Many creative people make a conscious decision to keep their art-related endeavors part time. By doing so, that doesn't mean artists have to resign themselves to obscurity just because they don't have full-time goals. It is possible to get exposure and make extra money from purposeful sideline efforts. This book will help you accomplish that, as well.

The bulk of "Unleash the Artist Within" is comprised of 28 lessons that will show you how to:

Throughout this four-week course, I'll poke and prod you to be different, to expand your thinking, to focus your goals and actions -- in essence, to become a supercharged creative being.

Each daily lesson comes with a commitment statement at the end -- one or two sentences that summarize the core idea of the day. Use these statements as affirmations to help firmly implant each day's primary message.

I also ask you to do some serious soul searching and follow up your daily reading with some journal writing and a specific Action Step. I challenge you to expand your world of ideas, but it is also my goal to motivate you to transform these lessons into the very real world of your creative life. In other words, don't just think about these ideas. Act on them!

Also, buy a cheap spiral notebook or invest in a colorful, stylish journal -- it doesn't matter, as long as you have some way to grab a pen and record your thoughts, ideas and actions.

Experts say that it takes repeating a new activity at least 21 days in a row before it becomes a new habit. That's the underlying premise of the 28 daily lessons -- getting you to think about and act on your creative goals every day.

Only through this consistent application of ideas will you develop new, more empowering patterns in your life. It is my sincere desire that these effective habits move you light years closer to your creative dreams.

The final section of the book, called "Ignite Your Creative Passion," features a collection of articles and special reports filled with ideas and tips that will further inspire you to make the most of your talents. This section will give you additional tools to help you promote and sell your talents, open up your creative energies and more.

Welcome to your new creative life. Happy reading, thinking and doing!

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