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This final sample from Unleash the Artist Within comes from a report in Section Two called 15 Insights to Help You Uncover, Develop and Stimulate Your Creativity. Readers have told me it's one of the more inspiring parts of the book ...

Become Successful This Very Minute

Back when I was a junior or senior in high school, a friend let me borrow a book called "Your Erroneous Zones" by Dr. Wayne Dyer. The book dealt with simple ways to enjoy life and take charge of unhealthy behavior patterns. It was the first book I'd ever read in the "self-help" category, and it did have a positive impact on my life. Since then, I've read or listened to many of Dyer's books and audio programs (and I encourage you to do the same).

There are a couple of principles among Dyer's teachings that will help drive home the point I'd like to make here. First, a person's self-worth is not determined by external factors. What you think of yourself has absolutely nothing to do with someone else's opinion of you or the achievement of some material goal.

While confidence and mechanical skills are qualities that develop through experience, your feeling of self-worth has only one origin: your thoughts and your decision to feel that way about yourself. And that is something you can give to yourself right this minute. There are no other prerequisites. You are a worthy person merely because you believe it is so.

Dyer's second principle concerns success. He contends that success is not a destination that you reach. Success is something that exists inside of you and that you bring to everything you do. It's not something you go and get; it's something you make a decision to be and demonstrate through your actions.

Chad Taylor, guitarist for the band Live, once told a writer for Bam magazine that he developed his passion for playing music in the midst of negative people who told him that he couldn't make a living playing music - that he couldn't be successful because the odds were against him.

"And I just thought, 'That's gotta be baloney,'" Taylor explained. "The day I decided not to go to college and to be a songwriter for the rest of my life instead, that was the day I became successful. It didn't take three or four million records to make me successful."

Marketing consultant Dan Kennedy refers to this attitude as "self-appointment." Instead of waiting for approval, permission, a degree, a promotion or reaching some predetermined level, truly successful creative people decide that they are already worthy of success and start acting like it.

"Most people wait around for someone else to recognize them, to give them permission to be successful," Kennedy writes in his Ultimate No B.S. Business Book. "You don't need anybody's permission to be successful. If you wait for 'the establishment' in any given field to grant you permission, you'll wait a long, long time. And remember, success is never an accident, no matter how it appears to outsiders."

I often meet creative people and ask what they do. The answers frequently sound like this:

These folks are obviously looking for some measuring stick or nod of approval to justify their artistic aspirations. But their ultimate symbol of worthiness won't come from an external source. There will be no white knight to crown them with a seal of approval.

The only person who can give you permission to succeed is YOU! And when you finally realize that and give yourself the gift of self-appointment, you'll answer my simple question by saying, "I am a journalist" or "I'm a country music songwriter" or "I'm a freelance graphic designer."

Sometimes people ask me, "Bob, how did you become an author and authority on self-promotion for artists?" My answer: "I decided to be one." Of course, I had to back up that self-appointment with writing skills and the ability to give people the information and inspiration they want. But no one had to give me the green light or grant me admission to this field. I made a decision to do this regardless of external feedback and have been loving it ever since.

Take a moment to honestly answer these questions:

Now it's your turn to use your mind, make some decisions and give yourself a much-deserved promotion.

I hope you enjoyed the five free samples. If you feel you got a few good ideas or were motivated to take your talents to a higher level, I encourage you to purchase the full 192-page book. Soak up all 28 lessons plus the added inspiration in Section Two. Absorb these success tips. They'll help you promote your talents, attract more fans and paying customers, get more exposure, boost your creative energies and more.

Thanks. I wish you all the success in the world!


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