Are Your Press Kits Going Straight Into the Trash?

Create Killer Music Press Kits

Make sure your publicity materials are actually
read by editors, reviewers, booking agents, program directors, and other industry people!

Sometimes it's called a press kit. Other times it's referred to as a promo package or media kit. Whatever you call it, this collection of music marketing tools will help you get more gigs, media exposure, radio airplay, industry attention and more.

However, you should also know that more than 95 percent of the press kits sent out by artists, publicists and record labels end up in the trash can. Those aren't very good odds. It's not easy to get pumped up when you consider that rate of failure.

But there's a good reason all those press kits are being ignored: Most of the promo packages clogging up the postal system are lackluster attempts at marketing. They are hastily thrown together without much thought or purpose behind them.

Why am I so certain of this?

For 10 years I published and served as managing editor of a music magazine in the Midwest USA. I've seen enough bad media kits to make anyone's head spin. But I also recall the rare gems that caught my attention -- the well-thought-out press kits that sold me on an act's worthiness, inspired me to pop in a CD, and quickly motivated me to assign a feature story on the act.

And the press kits that caught my attention were not the flashiest or most expensive. In fact, the most effective ones were quite simple. The thing that set them apart was that the person who put them together knew a few things that the vast majority of musicians were clueless about.

Create Killer Music Press KitsTo make sure a lot more of your press kits are actually read and acted upon, I created a special package called ...

Killer Music Press Kits - Deluxe Edition: The 29 Most Important Elements in Creating Sizzling Music Publicity Materials

This collection of resources reveals what I consider to be the most important aspects of a successful promo package.

Note: This package is based on the Killer Press Kits report that is included in my Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook -- BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE with sample press releases, a 29-Point Checklist, extra bonus material, and spoken word audio tracks that guide you through the "killer press kit" creation process. Even if you already own the Guerrilla book, you'll want to have this!

Here's what you get with Killer Music Press Kits - Deluxe Edition

For starters, the main report spells out the 29 Most Important Elements to Include When Creating Sizzling Music Publicity Materials, including ...

  • The one thing you MUST SEND with every press kit you mail
  • One mistake you should absolutely NOT MAKE with a press release (sadly, it happens all the time)
  • 7 ways to write a CAN'T-MISS cover letter
  • The 5 essential elements of a KILLER ARTIST BIO
  • Create Killer Music Press Kits

  • How to write an artist bio that many publications will RUN AS IS -- without hardly changing a word
  • How to send demo CDs and cassettes so they GET LISTENED TO
  • The 2 BIGGEST MISTAKES artists make when sending CDs to the media for review
  • 3 reasons most artist photos head straight TO THE TRASH
  • Simple ways to improve the odds that your artist photo will END UP IN PRINT
  • 3 ways to present your press clippings SO MEDIA PEOPLE LOVE YOU
  • How to create legit promotional blurbs -- even if you've NEVER been covered by the media before

"This info is incredible. Every piece of advice in your Killer Press Kits report is so important, especially for artists who are starting a publicity campaign. It's like having your own music marketing consultant without the cost."
-Rhonda Kelley, Rainmaker Publicity

With Killer Music Press Kits, you also get ...

  • A 25-minute spoken word MP3 audio file of the "29 Most Important Elements in Creating Sizzling Music Publicity Materials" report. Not only can you read the material, but you can now listen to it on your iPod or computer, or burn it to a CD and listen in the car or on the run.

  • REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES of successfully used press releases, artist bios, cover letters and more -- 25 pages of samples you can use as inspiration to create your own promo kit materials.

  • A detailed critique that walks you through the PROS & CONS of each of the example press kit items. Learn the exact thought processes that went into creating them -- along with what worked, what didn't, and how they can be improved.

  • Bob's never-before-published 29-Point Press Kit Checklist. Use these forms to evaluate and improve your promo package.

AND ... Killer Music Press Kits comes with 18 MORE pages of eye-opening advice from my personal collection, including:

  • How to TRIPLE YOUR ODDS of Getting Covered by the Media

  • Your Biggest PR Mistake -- and How to Make Sure You NEVER COMMIT IT AGAIN

  • How to Make Your Press Releases SIZZLE with Eye-Popping Headlines

  • The No-Holds-Barred PR CRITIQUE: How to Make Sure Your Press Release Gets Noticed (Instead of Tossed)

  • 2 Out-of-the-Box Demo Strategies That Will Practically Force Music Journalists to LISTEN TO YOUR CD

  • ONE SHEETS: What They Are and How to Use Them

  • The Sure-Fire Publicity Trick Used by the DIXIE CHICKS (It's Not What You Think)

"I've been creating and sending out press kits for years for my band Soulpajamas. I never knew if I was sending the right information or how to optimize my kits. Finally, I found Killer Press Kits. Now I have a roadmap and the exact helpful detaiIs I need, all in one place. And at a great low price, too."
-Dan Johnson, guitarist for Soulpajamas and co-editor of the Songwriter's Tip Jar

How Valuable Is Media Exposure to You?

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But It Gets Better ...

Order now and I'll also throw in these
Nine Power-Packed Bonus Reports
-- a total of 51 pages!

Note: These extra bonuses won't be available forever. I've only secured permission to give away a certain number of these reports. They can be removed at any time without notice. So the time to act is now!

Free Bonus #1
The Magic Press Release Formula founder Suzanne Glass spills the beans with this in-depth report on how to write and send a press release that gets noticed by editors and lands you in the news.

Free Bonus #2
4 Easy Steps to Writing a Killer Artist Bio
Music biz expert Christopher Knab shares his simple four-step formula for writing awesome artist bios -- including what to include where, and what to leave out.

Free Bonus #3
The 7 Deadly Sins of News Releases
Joan Stewart, the "Publicity Hound," says, "Newspapers, magazines and trade publications receive press releases by the truckload. That means sloppy, inaccurate, pointless releases are the first to hit the newsroom wastebasket." To make sure yours isn't one of them, avoid these 7 Deadly Sins.

Free Bonus #4
The New Rules of PR
David Meerman Scott's sensational 21-page ebook shows you how to create a press release strategy for reaching buyers directly. He spells out a PR tactic that will drive traffic to your web site, achieve higher search rankings, attract buyers, and more.

Free Bonus #5
How to Get Free Media Publicity for Your Business by Sending Press Releases Online
Internet marketing veteran Kevin Nunley graciously agreed to let me pry this extensive 12-page PR report from his hands. In it he details the entire process: how to write a press release, what to include, how to uncover media connections online, and lots more.

Free Bonus #6
Online Press Rooms: How to Win Over the Media by Helping Them Save Time and Avoid Frustration
Marcia Yudkin, author of Six Steps to Free Publicity, Poor Richard's Web Site Marketing Makeover and nine other books, reveals the proven secrets to creating a media center on your web site. She shares why many online press rooms fail and shows you the steps to take to create online PR materials that editors and writers crave.

Free Bonus #7
Eight Ways to Promote Your Music Career
Jeffrey P. Fisher knows a lot about marketing music-related products and services. In this report, the author of Ruthless Self-Promotion in the Music Industry dissects the eight most important things musicians can do to get exposure and get ahead in the music business. If you're missing any one of these tactics, you're cheating yourself.

Free Bonus #8
How to Follow Up Your News Releases
and Story Pitches

Joan Stewart interviews PR pro Jill Lublin, who shares insider tips, such as the "Rule of 7," when not to follow up with a media contact, and when you do ... what you need to focus on.

Free Bonus #9
The Art of the Query Letter: What Music Journalists Can Teach You About Promoting Your Act to the Media
This report was written for writers and photographers who are pitching music publications to get work. But it also offers some great insights into the mind of music editors -- how they think and what appeals to them. Use these eye-opening tips to craft your own pitch letters to the media. By C.J. Chilvers, President of the Association of Music Writers and Photographers.

Okay, Let's Recap ...

Killer Music Press Kits - Deluxe Edition
comes with

  • The "29 Most Important Elements in Creating Sizzling Music Publicity Materials" report

  • More than two dozen pages of examples of successful press releases, artist bios, cover letters and more

  • A 25-minute MP3 audio track of the "29 Most Important Elements" text that you can listen to however and wherever you want

  • 18 more pages of my best music PR advice

  • And -- if you order now -- 9 bonus reports (51 pages in all) from some of the world's top PR experts

Order Risk-Free!

Killer Press Kits comes with a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Take up to 60 days to apply these powerful publicity tactics and decide if they're helping you get more media exposure.

If you're not happy, for any reason, just let me know and I'll give you a fast, friendly refund.

Take advantage of this limited-time low price -- and all the use-it-now music PR advice, samples, checklist and bonus reports you'll get. Put them to work for you right away!

-Bob Baker

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