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There's never been a better time to be an independent artist. The rules have changed, and they keep on changing -- for the better. Artists have more power to control their own careers than at any time in human history.

But change and personal empowerment can be confusing (especially when it comes to marketing and sales). That's why this classic guide to low-cost, do-it-yourself music promotion has proven to be such a big help to tens of thousands of artists!

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With this manual, you'll discover that music marketing doesn't have to be expensive to be effective. Whether you're promoting a fast-growing indie label or a one-man or one-woman act from your basement, the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook gives you the tools you need to get the maximum bang for your buck!

"The most directly applicable, start-tomorrow, creatively inspiring book I've ever seen on promoting your music!"
-Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby

"Bob Baker's advice is practical and concise. There is GREAT material in this book, and it helped me put my Internet and alternative marketing ideas to good use. This is a fantastic book!" -Geoff Byrd

"Applying many of Bob's ideas, and without any wholesaling or distribution, I sold more than 20,000 CDs and cassettes of my music over the last five years. Using his suggestions, I increased my fan base by 35% in just one year. Pretty good for a non-performing artist who does all studio work. Bob is the master of music marketing!"
-Kris Lee-Scott, Hanai Music

"When you're ready for a Master Class on self-promotion, grab Bob Baker's Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook. There's a reason this has gone to multiple editions!" -Joe Taylor Jr., author of "Grow Your Band's Audience"

Here's a glimpse at what you'll get:

Section 1: Guerrilla Music Basic Training

3 Simple Steps to Effective Music Marketing. Everyone thinks marketing and sales are confusing and complicated. They really aren't. This chapter makes it easy to wrap your brain around. Read this and you'll never be confused again.

The Power of Goal Setting: A Foolproof Plan for Reaching Your Music Aspirations Faster. Tired of wandering aimlessly through your indie music career? Stop going with the flow and start taking control with this simple goal-setting checklist.

The First 5 Steps to Marketing (and Profiting From) Your Music. This is the foundation upon which all your music marketing activities should be built. If you don't understand these five basic truths, you will continue to struggle. Get the lowdown here.

The #1 Question You Must Answer When Promoting Your Music. Get this one wrong and marketing yourself will be a slow, uphill battle. Get it right and you'll cut through the clutter and make an impact faster.

Section 2: Guerrilla Music Marketing Online

Five Principles of Internet Marketing Every Musician Should Know. The Internet provides an amazing set of tools for independent artists. It can also be a great source of overwhelm and frustration. Here's what you need to know about online music promotion to stay happy, sane and effective.

The Guerrilla Marketing Online Fan-Attraction Formula. For the first time in print, I share the details of my Octopus Marketing Formula, including the five critical factors that make this system work and the 14 websites you should consider using to reach fans.

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About What to Post and Share Online to Promote Your Music. The most common thing musicians say is "I don't know what to post online. I don't have anything to say." Read this chapter and you'll never worry about that again.

How Pomplamoose and Karmin Used YouTube and Social Media to Build a Huge Fan Base. Want living proof that indie artists can create a major buzz online? Nick and Amy from Karmin and Jack and Nataly from Pomplamoose share the inside scoop in these exclusive interviews.

Section 3: Guerrilla Music Publicity

32 Ways to Get Exposure for Yourself, Your Band, or Your New Music Release. This chapter spills over with real-world, creative promotion strategies that songwriters and musicians have used to get noticed. You'll need a highlighter when you read this one.

Killer Press Kits: The 29 Key Elements of Sizzling Music Publicity Materials. How to write press releases, artist bios, cover letters, and emails that actually get read. Plus the best ways to present your band photos, press clippings, and more -- both online and off.

How to Exploit the Music Media and Get the Widespread Coverage You Deserve. Find out what the music media really looks for when covering new artists ... and why most bands miss the boat. Learn what media hot buttons to push to get exposure.

5 Steps to Getting an Avalanche of Media Exposure. It's not who you know in the music media that matters. How you approach them with your message makes all the difference. This chapter reveals the five best ways to do just that.

"This grass roots guide by self-marketing wizard Bob Baker could be the one thing you need to launch a profitable music career. Learn how to exploit the media, send CDs flying off the racks, and start turning heads in your town." -Jake Sibley, Musicians' Exchange guide,

"I bought Bob's Guerrilla book, and in less than two months I've done more to energize the promotion of my new CD, and previous three CDs, than I've done in the past four years combined. Bob really got me going. More than that, his book crow-barred a self-convinced 'I hate promotion' guy out of his stubborn old habits and into enthusiasm -- which is no small feat!."
-Dan Oakenhead, musician, Boulder, Colorado

"This book proves why Bob Baker remains THE authority on music marketing." -C.J. Chilvers, President, The Association of Music Writers and Photographers

Section 4: Guerrilla Music Money & Sales

32 Ways to Sell a Lot More of Your CDs, Downloads and Music Merchandise. One solid idea after another on how to boost your music and merchandise sales. From retail and radio to live shows and the top websites where you can sell your music worldwide.

The Easiest Way to Make Money in the Music Business. Stop buying into the "starving musician" stereotype. The most properous musicians use this technique to support themselves. Here's what you need to do to thrive in the music business.

25 Ways to Finance Your Next Recording Project, Music Video or Major Equipment Purchase. It's one of the age-old music biz challenges: how to overcome a lack of money. Use these ideas to make, save and raise the extra cash you need.

How to Double Your Music Sales (in 90 Days or Less). Want to sell a lot more of your music? Here's what the smart indie artists are doing to profit from their hard work and creativity.

Section 5: Guerrilla Music Promotion Tactics

12 Low-Cost, High-Impact Music Promotion Ideas That Work. A dozen solid ideas to get your wheels turning and your music marketing campaign off and running.

How to Use the Telephone More Effectively to Get Paid Gigs, Radio Airplay, and Media Coverage. You might use email, your website, and more to communicate, but at some point you'll have to get on the phone. Don't blow it when you do. Here's what you need to make the most of Mr. Bell's invention.

19 Things You Should Be Doing Right Now to Promote Your Music Better. Musicians who take action get ahead. If you're not doing at least one simple thing every day to promote yourself, you're losing out. Pick something off this list every day!

Often-Overlooked Promotion Strategies You Should Be Using to Market Your Music. Some of the best examples and nuggets of info on how successful indie bands are getting recognition -- and getting ahead!

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Free Bonus #4
7 Crucial Music Marketing Steps You Need to Be Taking Right Now. Originally published as a list of new year's resolutions, these fundamental ideas will give you a boost at any time of the year. If you're not taking these basic steps, you're cheating yourself.

Free Bonus #5
Why Your Local Music Scene Sucks. Is your local scene really that bad? Does everyone seem to be trying to block your progress? Maybe you need the mental tune-up contained in this inspiring report.

Free Bonus #6
24 Tips to Help You Market Your Music Through the Mail. Sure, you should take advantage of radio, retail, live shows and the Internet when promoting your music. But don't overlook one of the most time-tested methods of marketing: direct mail.

Free Bonus #7
Advertising Your Music: How to Make It Pay (and Avoid the Most Common Mistakes). Real-life print ads are examined and torn apart to reveal what works and what doesn't in music advertising.

"Bob Baker is the one who got me interested in music promotion. This book has been his best seller since it was first released in 1996. It's been updated many times since and is filled with invaluable advice for any unsigned musician. This book is well worth the low price he sells it for. I still learn new tips every time I read it."
-Marc Gunn, Bards Crier, Brobdingnagian Bards

"I recently read the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook with great enthusiasm. Thanks to you, my to-do list has quadrupled! The nature of your ideas are amazing -- from one idea comes ten!"
-Jenn Lindsay, singer-songwriter, New York

"I love the Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook and recommend it to every musician I come across." -Cordy Lavery, singer-songwriter, Austin, Texas

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"I used your techniques to get 17 songs signed by various publishers in one year alone. Goal setting and your Guerrilla book helped bring everything into focus."
-Mike Deeson, songwriter, Tampa, Florida

"A must-read resource for all aspiring musicians and songwriters."
-Midwest Book Review

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