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How to Promote Your Music Successfully
on the Internet

Learn how to set up a web site, create an online buzz and sell a lot more CDs. A wealth of useful information, written by an artist who brings in more than $4,000 a month from his online activities. "Highly recommended!" says Derek Sivers of CD Baby. Find out more.

The Indie Contact Bible
A directory of nearly 10,000 print, radio and Internet sources of exposure for your music around the world. Get this book and save months of research. Find out more.

Music Biz Books by Joe Taylor Jr
Want to grow your fan base, book more gigs and build your independent music career? Check out Joe's books Grow Your Band's Audience, More Gigs Now, Music Management for the Rest of Us and Host Your Own Concerts.

Fundamentals of DIY Radio Promotion
Everyone knows that extensive radio exposure can do wonders for an arist's career. But everyone also knows that widespread radio airplay is tough (not to mention expensive) to get. This new e-book from indie radio promotion specialist Liz Koch gives you an inside look at the world of radio promotion. Find out more.

Money, Marketing & Myths Inside the Musician's Corner
Not only an audiobook of strategies for marketing and selling yourself, Tom Leu's new title also tackles the tricky task of helping people communicate more effectively in the music business. This CD will encourage, challenge and inspire you to gain a competitive edge over your contemporaries. Find out more.

The Indie Artist DIY Smartkit
A complete roadmap for mega success with your music career both online and off. Nine amazing products in one. Six killer e-books pointing you in the right direction to help move your music career forward, one music industry database, a set of contract templates and more. Find out more.

Start and Run Your Own Record Label, Revised and Expanded
Daylle Deanna Schwartz spells it all out for you -- from financing your label and signing artists to marketing CDs and getting them into stores. Find out more.

Ruthless Self-Promotion in the Music Industry
Need a promotional kick in the pants? Author Jeffrey P. Fisher shows you how to promote your music ... and get ruthless about it! Find out more.

The Self-Promoting Musician: Strategies
for Independent Music Success

Peter Spellman's new book explains how the traditional recording industry is downsizing while the indie sector swells, and how musical artists have new, powerful tools at their disposal. Find out more.

Sell Your Music: How To Profitably Sell Your Own Recordings Online
A comprehensive, user-friendly, step-by-step guide to using the Internet to make money from your own music. Find out more.

This Business of Music Marketing and Promotion, Revised and Updated
In language that is simple and direct, author Tad Lathrop details promotional skills, publicity plans, royalty guidelines and more, all supported by real-life examples. He shows how the web and other technological developments have revolutionized not only how music is made, but also how it is marketed and promoted. Find out more.

Making and Marketing Music
Subtitled "The Musician's Guide to Financing, Distributing and Promoting Albums," Jodi Summers' guide shows you the evolution of an album using real-life stories from music biz pros. Find out more.

All You Need to Know About the Music Business, 5th Edition
This modern-day classic by Donald Passman demystifies the workings of the entire music industry -- in a musician-friendly way. Putting together a team of advisors, record deals, songwriting and publishing contracts, touring, merchandising, film rights ... it's all here. Find out more.