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Resource #1
"5 Ways to Rank Higher on Google and Connect with Thousands of New Music Fans Online"

Would you like to rank higher on Google and other search engines for your particular music keywords? You're not alone. Many musicians complain about poor Internet traffic and feel like they are invisible online. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Check out my Google rankings for the search phrase "indie music marketing." I do pretty darn well. And in this report I show you some simple ways you can do the same.

Resource #2
"How to Create a Lean, Mean Music Web Site Machine"

Music Web Site DesignIs your web site helping or hurting you? Watch this video screencast I recorded just for you. In less than five minutes, I critique a music web site and give you some of my top pointers on keeping your site lean, mean and effective.

Resource #3
"Top 5 Things to Do on Facebook When You Only Have 10 Minutes"

Two things are undeniable ...

1) More than 250 million people -- one-fifth of all Internet users on the planet -- have Facebook accounts. Therefore, you must be on Facebook and be using it effectively if you are truly serious about promoting your music in 2009.

And ...

2) Everyone is overwhelmed by the promotional workload. There's too much to do and not enough time to do it all.

With that in mind, I give you this video screencast. Watch and listen as I walk you through the "Top 5 Things You Should Do on Facebook When You Only Have 10 Minutes or Less."

Resource #4
"An Unbelievable Live Event Ticket Service"

When I visited this site for the first time, I couldn't believe my eyes. Was this for real?

The good news is ... it is!

I'm talking about an incredible live event ticket service that any independent artist can use -- for FREE. Find out what it is in this issue of Indie Music Confidential.

Resource #5
"The Most Powerful Question You Can Ask (and Answer) to Make Major Progress & Get Stuff Done"

I admit it. Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed. And I bet you have too.

Too many tasks on the to-do list. A constant stream of email in the Inbox. And more demands coming from every direction. Such is the life of a creative entrepreneur.

But I'm not willing to accept this as the normal state of what I do -- and neither should you. So here's something simple I've been doing to get my groove back. And I encourage you to give it a try too ...

Get the simple system I created for you with Indie Music Confidential.

Resource #6
"Lessons from David Hooper and 2 Years of Music Business Radio"

If you got access to 100 music industry movers and shakers and could spend one hour with each of them, don't you think you'd learn a thing or two about music success?

That's what my pal David Hooper has done as host of "Music Business Radio" over the past couple of years. And during part one of my 56-minute interview with him, David shares the top lessons he's learned from all these artists, managers, and music biz entreprenuers.

In part 2, we continue our conversation with a sometimes irreverent discussion of what it takes to succeed in music -- and life.

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