Branding Yourself Online

Low-Cost Ways to Use the Internet to Market the Best Product on Earth ... YOU!

If you're looking for a book on corporate branding, look elsewhere. If you seek low-cost, high-impact tactics to establish a rock-solid identity for yourself online, this is the resource you need.

When promoting on the Internet, a personal approach is ideal. Although glitzy advertising may still work in the offline world, when people go online, they don't connect with logos, theme songs or mission statements. They connect with people. And when lots of people know who you are and what you stand for, you are in an incredible position to better your life and profit from your notoriety.

Online Internet Branding BookThat's the essence of the brand called YOU.

That's also the idea behind the many marketing tips and strategies included in the book "Branding Yourself Online: How to Use the Internet to Become a Celebrity or Expert in Your Field." This 350-page book gives you essential tips and tools to effectively create a brand name for yourself and use the Internet to tell the world about it.

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In this book, you'll discover:

  • What personal branding is, why you need it and how to use it to further your goals

  • The best ways to determine your ideal brand image and the methods for hammering home that image so it makes the most impact in the least amount of time

  • Effective online and offline strategies for branding your image and identity onto the computer screens and into the consciousness of the masses

    "Loaded with wisdom served up in an exceedingly readable style. If I was king of the universe, I'd make Bob's book mandatory reading for every person who owns a computer!" -Jay Conrad Levinson, author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books

    "Presents the tools that can turn individual entrepreneurs into savvy marketers and online business success stories." -Jeff Zbar, SBA Small Business Journalist of the Year

    Why Branding? Why Now?

    You may be asking, "With a sluggish economy and all the dot-com fallout, isn't this a bad time to be doing business on the Internet?" Absolutely not. This isn't a book about raising venture capital, hiring a hundred employees, growing a company at breakneck speed and spending millions on advertising. Branding Yourself Online is exclusively geared to individuals who are willing to take a sensible, long-term approach to online promotion.

    Case in point: Over the past three years, while many web sites and tech companies were crashing and burning, I had my best, most profitable three years ever. No doubt, the Internet is alive and kicking for solo entrepreneurs.

    But you won't get far without branding yourself. Branding allows you to take control of your online identity and influence the impression that people have of you, which helps you accomplish the following objectives:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field

  • Connect with like-minded people on a large scale

  • Focus your energies on feeding your life's purpose

  • Build a solid reputation within your industry

  • Become self-employed doing something you enjoy (or gain credibility and be in a better position to land the job you really want)

  • Increase your notoriety and improve your perceived value in the marketplace

  • Develop your circle of influence within a business niche

  • Earn praise and recognition from a growing number of people who embrace your message

  • Become a celebrity in your chosen field

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    How to Use Branding to Your Advantage

    If you're a visual artist, branding helps you connect your name with your creative style and attract more (and more paying) fans. If you're a web designer, branding allows you to mix your attitude and distinct perspective with your technical skills so more people hire you. If you're an aspiring author, branding paves the way to reaching a loyal fan base without having to kiss the ... er, feet of a major book publisher.

    Once you have learned how to effectively position yourself, define your focus and develop a "fan-club mentality," the book delves into ways of promoting the brand YOU. You'll find out how to:

  • Maximize e-mail for brand delivery -- there's more to it than just creating a signature file

  • Design your web site for brand impact, including tips on content, design and interactivity

  • Exploit the e-zines and web sites of others

  • Publish e-books and e-mail newsletters to distribute your message

  • Brand by networking through mailing lists, discussion forums, message boards and other online avenues

    "I highly recommend this book. Thorough yet accessible, and filled with common-sense advice." -Shel Horowitz, author of Grassroots Marketing

    "This is the type of book the For Dummies series aspires to, but never reaches."
    -Seth Cauthorne, author of How to Rake in the Tips in Any Service Profession

    Learn From the Most Successful Branders

    Throughout the book I include examples of people who have successfully branded themselves. A special section called "Online Success Stories" offers a Q&A with 13 well-known personalities on the Internet. These examples provide insight and inspiration, and illustrate how these successful people use the Internet to get the word out and prosper.

    Bottom line: Branding Yourself Online gives you hundreds of low-cost ideas and online strategies to carve a defined identity on the Internet.

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    P.S. Branding Yourself Online is a 350-page, oversized (10 x 7 inches) trade paperback book. It's a substantial resource filled with reams of tips and ideas to help you carve a rock-solid identity and attract thousands of new fans on the Internet. Get your copy today!

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