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This Special Report came out a few years ago, so I've taken it off the market until I can publish an updated version.

In the meantime, check out these other great music marketing resources and subscribe to my free Buzz Factor ezine.

Test Your Music Marketing Know-How ...

Quick, take this pop quiz ...

Rate the following online promotion tools in their order of importance:

  • Your web site
  • Your digital song files
  • Your blog
  • Your podcast
  • Your MySpace page
  • Your fan e-mail newsletter

Which of these do you think packs the most promotional punch?

If you listed your web site, blog, podcast or your digital song files as your #1 marketing tool, you'd be answering my question like the majority of self-promoting songwriters and musicians.

The only thing is ... you'd be dead wrong!

Don't get me wrong ... MySpace, digital downloads, etc., are all great. They're essential tools that you should be using to promote your music on the Internet. But if you listed them ahead of an e-mail newsletter -- your free fan e-zine -- in order of importance, you're missing a huge piece of the promotional puzzle.

How can that be?

Your web site, MySpace and the rest are passive marketing tools. You put them out there and make them available for all to see and hear ... but beyond that, you have no control over what happens. You sit and wait with your fingers crossed and pray that someone hears about your site or stumbles across your MP3 or Real Audio files.

You can work hard to drive traffic to your web site, blog and digital downloads. But no matter how hard you try, you still end up sitting on the sidelines hoping that people actually visit, listen and get excited about you and your music. And quite often, you wonder if anyone is visiting or listening at all.

There's a better, more powerful way to promote your music online.

All of the details about this more effective route are revealed in a special report I created called E-zine Music Marketing: Powerful Ways to Promote Your Music with a Fan E-mail Newsletter.

Ezine Music Promotion Guide A fan e-zine is the missing link that will put you in the driver's seat. Armed with a growing subscriber list of fans who have expressed an interest in your music, you are in control of the musical conversation. You communicate with your fans directly and dictate the frequency and the type of messages that reach them.

Compared to the hoping and praying involved with web sites and digital music files alone, it's a no-brainer ...

E-zine Music Marketing is the way to go!

Perhaps you already produce an e-mail newsletter for your fans. Or maybe you feel that too many other artists are publishing e-zines to make yours worthwhile. True, there are tons of e-zines being produced. The only thing is, most e-mail newsletters are hastily thrown together and misused by artists. Many do more harm than good for artists.

Does this describe your own e-zine?

The good news is, by following a few simple guidelines, your fan e-zine can stand out from the crowd and become your most powerful, cost-effective marketing tool. Hands down.

"Bob Baker's E-zine Music Marketing is a powerful tool that no band should be without - full of creative ideas, insightful perspectives and ideas on the power of great communication. With so many interesting ways to deliver information and promote sales, this book can help any band create a devoted, committed fan base and move to the next level." -Michelle Herrington, publicist, Nashville, TN

"Your E-zine Music Marketing special report has given me countless ways to expand and multiply the exposure I need for my music and merchandise. Since I have no marketing or business background, your information is serving as a guideline for me to build my audience. The report is easy to read and understand, and practical to use. You are doing a great service for musicians who are serious about generating income from their music." -Jenny Leigh, singer-songwriter

Here are just some of the tips you'll find in E-zine Music Marketing: Powerful Ways to Promote Your Music with a Fan E-mail Newsletter:

  • The 13 most effective ways to attract fans and motivate them to subscribe to your e-zine

  • Insider secrets from eight independent artists who successfully promote themselves with e-mail newsletters

  • The one thing every artist must do in their e-zine (sadly, most overlook it)

  • Four ways to deliver your fan e-mail newsletter (and the pros and cons of each)

  • The seven top-rated web sites, software and services to help you manage your e-zine

  • The ideal way to format your e-zine so it looks good to every subscriber

  • 19 things that successful artists include in newsletters to their fans

  • Creative ways to promote upcoming shows that attract fans like magnets

  • The right ways and wrong ways to sell CDs through your e-zine

  • The best length and frequency for your fan newsletter

  • Two things every fan e-zine must accomplish

  • How to use your newsletter to get fans to promote you like crazy and help you create a buzz

  • Two free services that'll help you conduct online fan surveys

  • How the top bands generate the most new subscribers (it's not what you think)

  • The best ways to ensure your e-zine reflects your style and personality

  • How to triple your mailing list signups at live shows

  • The one mistake you must not make with your fan e-zine

  • Three great ways to make sure your e-zine gets read

  • Simple techniques to spice up the look of your text e-mail newsletter

  • What to place at the very top of your fan e-zine

  • The 21 best places to promote your e-zine for free

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