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Self-Publishing Success Secrets 101

"The perfect resource to kick-start your new book career"

So you want to publish your own book? That's great. I highly recommend it. Few things are more satisfying than the feeling of accomplishment you get from holding in your hands a book you've written and worked for yourself.

And that's just the beginning!

When you get feedback from readers on how much your book has touched them, your life takes on a whole new meaning. I know, because I've been enjoying the personal and financial rewards of book publishing for many years.

And now I want to inspire you to enjoy the same things.

That's why I just released Self-Publishing Success Secrets 101, a quick and easy audio/ebook guide to the nuts and bolts of independent book publishing.

Ideal for Newcomers and First-Time Authors

Unlike many of the hefty book publishing manuals out there, this resource gives you a quick crash course on the most important things you need to know to become a successful self-published author.

Order now and you'll get immediate access to a 25-page ebook and 50 minutes of MP3 audio files. Print it and read it, or burn it and listen on the go ... You'll have multiple ways to soak up my self-publishing tips and advice.

"Thank you so much for making this available to those of us who need a little push (or maybe a swift kick). Sure, writing columns, putting together ebooks and having one's name in online newsletters is nice, but there is something about being able to hold a book which you yourself wrote that just means so much more. Self-Publishing Success Secrets 101 has truly motivated this unmotivated writer to finally get down to writing what I have been meaning to do for so long." —David Stoddard,
The Unmotivated Motivational Writer

"You've done an incredible job with Self-Publishing Success Secrets 101, especially in how well you explain the nuances of subsidy publishing, self-publishing and print on demand. Too many people perceive them as synonyms for the same thing. SO untrue. It's a great, concise overview — just enough information about the process without getting bogged down ... and excellent resources." —Bobette Kyle, author of How Much for Just the Spider? (

Here's just some of the wisdom you'll find inside Self-Publishing Success Secrets 101:

  • How I created my best-selling title
  • The 6 real reasons you should bunk tradition and publish your book yourself
  • Four big book industry lies that are holding you back
  • Three things you need to know about copyright
  • Where you should and SHOULD NOT get your ISBNs
  • The most important element of your book's cover
  • Two simple things you need to know about the printing process
  • The best place to print your first book, hands down (surprisingly, most publishing "Bibles" barely mention it)
  • The legitimate path to self-publishing ... versus what you should avoid at all costs
  • My best piece of self-publishing advice for first-time authors
  • The 7 attributes of highly successful authors
  • The best use of your time and energy as a book publisher
  • How to deal with book industry "snobs" who look down on "self-published" books — and succeed anyway!
  • How to overcome the #1 thing that keeps aspiring authors from ever publishing their great book ideas

This new resource will give you the knowledge, the inspiration, and the know-how to publish your own book — and feel good doing it.

"Self-Publishing Success Secrets 101 not only encouraged me, but made me feel proud of myself for being an 'indie publisher.' Anyone considering writing a book should read this so they can make an informed choice as to the route they will follow to make their dream of being a published author come true. Bob spells it out clearly like I've never heard before."
Linda Austin, author of Cherry Blossoms in Twilight

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