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Consumer Electronics Show: Lessons for Authors & Book Publishers

The Consumer Electronics Show is taking place over the next few days in Las Vegas. According to an article on MSNBC ...

"After years of being about the Next Big Thing, the annual International Consumer Electronics Show this week is all about the next little thing - small-in-one devices that are blurring the distinctions among tiny netbook computers, dedicated media players, e-book readers and cell phones."

But it was these sentences that really caught my eye:

"... content is the new king. As different people use electronics in different ways, publishers are under the gun to deliver whatever content people want on whatever devices they have."

So, are you meeting your readers where YOU want them to, based on your idea of what the right platform is?

Or ... are you meeting them where they ARE?

Think about the next little thing as you plan your book promotion in 2010.


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