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15 Places to Start an Online Group or Community Around Your Topic -- and Attract Book Readers and Buyers

One of the things I stress on this blog, in my live workshops, and in my new book is the importance of identifying your ideal readers and fans ... and then going to the places where those specific types of people hang out -- both online and off.
But there's another aspect to this you can use to promote your book and your identity as an author. Instead of looking only for existing social hangouts, why not create one? Don't limit yourself to looking for targeted destinations. Be one yourself!

That's what I did with my Guerrilla Music Marketing and Internet Book Promotion groups on Facebook. In addition to seeking out your ideal fans, create an inviting place that causes them to come to YOU! What a concept!

Here are 15 ways to create your own group and community online (also see my warning note below):

Facebook Groups

Twitter Groups

LinkedIn Groups


Flickr Groups

YouTube Groups

Amazon Customer Communities

Scribd Groups

Slideshare Groups

GoodReads Groups

Shelfari Groups

Yahoo Groups

Google Groups

MySpace Book Groups

Friendfeed Groups

Warning: It would not be wise to start groups at all 15 of these places. Pick one to three sites to start with and concentrate on building those.

To make a group attractive to your ideal readers, you must be actively involved with it. So ... respond to member posts, start conversations, and generally be "visible" and proactive within the group.

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