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Is Your Book 'Findable' Online?

Last night I read through Mark Penn's book, Microtrends: The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow's Big Changes. It's a fascinating read based on some in-depth research, but one microtrend in particular caught my eye ...
It's a category of consumer that Penn refers to as "New Info Shoppers."

From the book:

"A whopping 92% of respondents said they had more confidence in information they seek out online than anything coming from a salesclerk or other source. They believe the information they find, not the information that is spoon-fed to them ..."

Consider that again: Smart consumers these days trust what they find -- or discover -- on their own first and foremost!

Another passage from Microtrends:

"An astonishing 70% of Americans now say they consult product reviews or consumer ratings before they make their buying decisions."

Admit it, you often do this yourself before spending money on a product or service. Which begs the question ...

How 'Findable' Are You Online?

When someone searches for your name, your book title, or your topic ... what will they discover?

Here are just some of the ways savvy customers find the info they're looking for today:

Finally, what steps can you take today to improve the odds that you'll be found and revealed in a positive light via the online avenues listed above?

Your mission: Go forth and make yourself findable!


P.S. For more reading on this topic, check out How social media and search can reach the pickiest audience at

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