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Breaking News: Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines

After many years of publishing by own brand of Guerrilla Music Marketing books, I am now officially part of Jay Conrad Levinson's series of Guerrilla Marketing books.

You see, Jay wrote the first Guerrilla Marketing book back in 1983. It was one of several books that inspired me to travel the path I've taken.

Jay's original Guerrilla book spawned a series of about 30 books that he's written or co-written over the years, and millions of copies have been sold.

Even though Jay gave me his blessings years ago to use the Guerrilla name, I've never actually been part of his series. But that changes this week with the release of Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines.

The subtitle of this new, 300-page book is "35 World-Class Strategies to Send Your Profits Soaring." My pal Mitch Meyerson (an awesome guitar player, by the way) spearheaded this title and asked some of his favorite guerrilla marketers to each contribute a chapter. And I'm one of them!

I'm honored to be in such great company.

Mark Victor Hansen (of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame) wrote the Foreword. Some of the other authors include Alex Mandossian, Michael Port, Rick Frishman, Al Lautenslager, Roger C Parker, Travis Greenlee, Craig Valentine, Grant Hicks, and many more. Lots of successful authors here with ideas that easily apply to book publishing.

Here's the coolest part ...

The official launch date is today, Sept. 24. If you purchase the book this week, I'll send you details on how to access a special live conference call that features me, Jay, Mitch, and several of the other Front Lines authors.

You can order the book on Amazon here (please do that today, if you can):

Be sure to forward your Amazon receipt to me so I can send you the conference call details.

Or get an autographed copy directly from me by using this link. Note that I have only about 30 copies in my personal stock, so quantities are limited with this option.

When you order it from me, I'll also send you details to access the call.

This is exciting. Thanks for allowing me to share this good news with you!


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Your Top 3 Things

I'll admit it. Lately, I've been feeling overwhelmed.

Too many tasks on my to-do list. A constant stream of email in my Inbox. And more demands seeming to come from every direction. Such is the life of a full-time author and small business person.

But I'm not willing to accept this as the normal state of doing what I do.

So here's something simple I'm going to try to get my balance back. And I encourage you to try this as well.

Every morning ask yourself:

What three things can I do today that would have the greatest positive impact on my ...

Then fill in the blank.

You might complete the question with "book sales" or "career as an author" or "readers." Perhaps "Internet presence" or "speaking business" would work here too.

Really ponder what would have the "greatest positive impact" on your chosen area. And write down your top three answers.

Now you know what's most important and what to focus on today.

(Note: This idea was inspired by a tip in Dan Coughlin's book "Accelerate: 20 Practical Lessons to Boost Business Momentum.")

Here's another version of this that might be even more powerful. Ask a series of similar questions limited to one thing you can do in the most important areas of your life.


  • What one thing can I do today that would have the greatest positive impact on my happiness?

  • What one thing can I do today that would have the greatest positive impact on my health?

  • What one thing can I do today that would have the greatest positive impact on my wealth?

  • What one thing can I do today that would have the greatest positive impact on my relationships?

  • What one thing can I do today that would have the greatest positive impact on my contribution to society?

You get the idea.

Instead of being swept up in the endless flow of tasks and trying to get "caught up" -- which never seems to happen for me -- instead focus on the big picture and what is truly important.

Let's try it together. We may still have a long list of things that are "undone." But I bet we make monumental progress on the things that are most important.


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The Slow Build Approach to Book Marketing

Every author and publisher wants to make a big splash. Especially with the "launch" of a new book.

Note the use of the word "launch" -- it's not called a book trot or a book flutter, or even a book sashay. It's a LAUNCH! So macho. So full of vim and vigor -- and testosterone.

There's nothing wrong with that. Making a big splash can be a wonderful thing. But many authors and publishers make the big splash the basis of their entire marketing plan. And that's a big mistake.

As Seth Godin wrote the other day on his blog:

"Great publicity is a treasured gift. But it's hardly necessary, and the search for it is often a significant distraction."

The surest path to book marketing success -- especially for independent authors/publishers with a limited budget -- is the long-term layered approach. Getting your message in front of your target audience repeatedly, little by little, over a long period of time.

Of course, this path isn't nearly as sexy. It may not have you yucking it up on the set with John Stewart or Larry King next week. But I guarantee this ...

If you have a message that's worth spreading, this slow-build, layered strategy works. It's what has allowed me to make a living as an author.

So, what is this approach?

It involves little by little, time after time, getting multiple exposures to the people who fit the profile of your ideal reader.

Each impression you make probably won't reach millions, or even thousands, of people. But that's okay.

One week you might reach 75 people on someone's blog, 250 people on a book review site, and another 50 people on Facebook.

The following week you might be interviewed on a podcast heard by 400 people and covered in your local community paper with a circulation of 5,000. And on and on it goes.

Every day you seek out more exposure opportunities and celebrate whatever coverage you get -- no matter how small. You keep seeking, keep celebrating, and keep spreading what you have to share.

Before long, the multiple exposures build on top of one another and gain momentum. It may be slow at first, and it may have stops and starts along the way, but it grows as you continue to share your message.

So what would you rather have? A big book launch that may or may not last?

Or a slow book promotion build that grows into something meaningful and long-lasting?


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My Best Book Publishing Advice

Last month, my girlfriend Pooki and I attended a 7-day "Breakthrough to Success" workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was presented by Jack Canfield, best known for the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series and the book "The Success Principles."

It was an awesome event with about 400 attendees. We learned and grew so much and met fantastic people from all over the world.

It was by far the biggest investment I've ever made in personal development. And I admit, months ago when I made the decision to go for it, I was hesitant and more than a little fearful about committing our financial resources to this one event.

But now that we've experienced it, I am so thankful we took the leap of faith.

You see, I've been studying self-help and personal empowerment material off and on since I was 17 years old. And even though my life took many unexpected twists and turns, I've reached a stage that many people view as successful: making a nice living as an independent author and publisher.

I feel blessed. And through my work, I enjoy passing on the "secrets" to success I've learned along the way. I do that through my many music marketing books, audio programs, live workshops, and resources right here at

So here's my best advice for reaching your book publishing goals:

1) Get out of your own way

The biggest obstacles humans face don't come from "out there" in the cold, cruel world. They reside within. We all carry negative beliefs and memories of previous experiences. We pick them up from our parents, friends, teachers, you name it. And these beliefs color our expectations and how we show up in the world.

So job #1 is to uncover these internal obstacles. To discover what's bubbling under the surface and holding you back -- often without you even being aware that these negative beliefs are there.

2) Upgrade your mental software

Install Empowerment Pro 2.0, if you will. This involves monitoring your internal dialogue -- your "self talk." Recognizing when you put yourself down or tell yourself you're not qualified or worthy to want something better for yourself.

At first, you'll be shocked by how often you limit your own potential. But that's great, because now you have the awareness to replace the old dialogue reruns with fresh, new content that brings out the true greatness that resides within you.

3) Get on the PE Diet

In this case, PE doesn't stand for Physical Education. It means Personal Empowerment. To improve your health, you wouldn't eat one healthy meal or have one good workout and then say, "There, I did it once. I'm set for life." Of course not. That would be silly.

Then why do people do that with their mental health and personal development? "I know that positive thinking stuff. It doesn't work," they say. Really? You tried it once and your life didn't change?

You know where I'm going with this.

To be successful, you need to incorporate new healthy habits into your ongoing lifestyle. Not because you're a slow learner or there's anything "wrong" with you. But because constant focus on your personal growth is what brings about lasting results.

I've been feeding my mind with positive reinforcement for more than 30 years now. It keeps me on track. I've tried living life on autopilot too -- like the majority of people do. And I gotta tell you, it doesn't work for me.

Therefore, I encourage you to regularly exposure yourself to positive books, audio, movies, people, images, sounds, ideas, and more. That's why I've dedicated my life to inspiring and empowering musicians and authors to express themselves and share their talents with the world.

So please ... feed your mind with enriching stuff. Download my free Self-Publishing Confidential report, subscribe to this blog, and check out my first two resources for authors.

Also, stay on top of book marketing and publishing news by reading the work of John Kremer, Dan Poynter, Penny Sansevieri, Jeff Smith, Roger Parker, Warren Whitlock, Morris Rosenthal, Stacey Miller, and more.

I promise you, if you can get out of your own way, upgrade your mental software, and regularly feed your mind with empowering ideas and strategies ... you'll amaze your friends with the sudden burst of energy and accomplishments you produce.

Now wouldn't that be cool?